NASRDA Hosts NoRCEL to Advance Astronomy Development in Nigeria

Source: NASRDA

The Director General of the National Space Research and Development Agency (NASRDA), Dr Halilu Ahmad Shaba, received the Chief Executive and Founder of Network of Research on the Chemical Emergence of Life (NoRCEL) Professor Sohan Jheeta, at NASRDA’s headquarters, Abuja.

During the visit, Dr Halilu Ahmad highlighted the need for strategic partners to advance space science education in Nigeria. Furthermore, he stressed the necessity to establish systems vital to place Nigeria as a significant space stakeholder in Africa while encouraging biologists and scientists to harness the opportunities provided by NoRCEL. 

The founder and Chairman of NoRCEL, Professor Sohan Jheeta, commended Dr Halilu Ahmad Shaba for his continuous support to partner with stakeholders and advance the benefits of astrosciences on the continent and strengthen socioeconomic development at the national level. In addition, he also commended the agency for collaborating with the Centre for Basic Space Sciences, Nsukka, Nigeria.

Furthermore, Professor Sohan Jheeta requested the country become the medium for encouraging  Africans to study astromedicine, astrochemistry, astrobiology and related fields.

NoRCEL is a global network of scientists, researchers, students and non-technical people coming together to work to investigate and fathom the most multi-faceted and elusive challenges facing the scientific world.


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