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Directory of all space-related institutions in Africa

Directory of all Space-related institutions in Africa
A screenshot of the visual directory, showing map representation of space institutions across Africa, a modal showing a dataset for the SKA in South Africa, on the left and a modal using icons to indicate the type of space entities represented.

We are glad to announce the launch of a comprehensive visual directory of all space institutions and industry actors in the African space sector. This is a milestone in our service offering of researching and making available accurate data and business insights about the African space sector.

The visual directory displays over 450 datasets of African space institutions, companies and associations, graphically represented in a wide map using location coordinates according to countries. The directory uses icons to indicate data points on the map.

Simply dubbed the “Crunchbase of the African space industry”, the directory represents the following actors in the African space industry, detailing a dataset set of the name, country, contact address, email, phone number and website for each actor:

  1. National space agencies
  2. Newspace companies
  3. Space research centres
  4. Universities offering space-related programs.Earth observation institutions
  5. Space associations & organizations
  6. Inter-governmental space organizations
  7. Satellite communication companies
  8. Foreign Institutions involved in space activities in Africa
  9. Astronomy institutions

The directory is regularly updated with the latest available information.

The directory is available to our premium subscribers on Space in Africa who have at least six months plan. For non-premium readers, you are required to sign up for our premium readership starting from the Biannual Plan (six months plan) to have unlimited access to all research contents on our website including the directory.

We present to you the Visual directory of all space-related institutions in Africa. To access the spreadsheet format of the directory; email us.

Do sign up for at least six months premium subscription plan to receive an access code for the directory.

Every week, we feature the story of newSpace companies in Africa, promoting their work and giving insight on how they are contributing to building the commercial space ecosystem in Africa. Would you like to be featured? Kindly fill this form.


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