Egypt Launches Centre to Monitor Building Violations

Image Source: Egypt Independent

Egypt has launched a satellite monitoring centre on Monday to adequately inform government authorities of the exact number of building violations happening in the country. This new development was announced by the Assistant Minister of Planning for Digital Transformation Affairs, Asharaf Abdel Hafez.


Hafez, in an interview with the DMC TV Channel, elucidated that the centre also meets an agricultural use by capturing photos of the numbers of crops planted by villagers nationwide. This will help Egypt to fight food scarcity in the country.

He explained further that the centre would follow up on agricultural projects across Egypt. According to Hafez, “this centre will also help draw facilities on the Egyptian map to establish an integrated planning system to help the country properly direct its developmental projects and investments”.

The government has observed about 320,000 encroachments and has reached out to governorate officials for more information on the number of breaches. The new centre will facilitate the management of the situation.


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