YahClick Partners GCES to Provide Satellite Connectivity for Nigeria’s Leading Mobile Network

YahClick and its partner, Hughes Network Systems, have signed a strategic partnership with Global Communications Extension Services Limited (GCES). The partnership involves providing satellite connectivity for 9mobile, one of Nigeria’s leading mobile network operators. YahClick’s partnership with GCES will deliver 9mobile with reliable rural connectivity across its entire Nigerian operations. In addition, it will consequently bring satellite connectivity to hundreds of cellular backhauling sites.

All three businesses complement each other to provide high-performing and cost-effective mobile network services to Nigerian residents. YahClick’s satellite services now reach more than 60% of Africa’s population. Furthermore, the agreement extends GCES’ reach to more regions within Nigeria. Additionally, the satellite backhauling option will help the company overcome the barriers to remote connectivity. Satellite backhauling makes it feasible to offer cellular services in prohibitively expensive areas to reach consumers using traditional terrestrial means.

Furthermore, introducing satellite services to rural and underserved areas will also positively impact the country’s economy. This is as it strengthens Nigeria’s policy of financial inclusion championed by the Central Bank of Nigeria. Additionally, money vendors operating Point of Sale (POS) services and other merchants in these areas will benefit from broadband connectivity. Likewise, this development will lead to higher financial transactions resulting in increased profits.

By signing this agreement, YahClick and GCES will support 9mobile in providing high-quality telecommunication services to individuals across Nigeria. Likewise, this partnership will ensure that citizens and enterprises all over the country have access to secure, affordable connectivity options.

Farhan Khan commented, “Our partnership with GCES provides reliable, accessible and affordable broadband connectivity for one of Nigeria’s leading networks. This reiterates our commitment to advancing the country’s connectivity infrastructure. Our agreement unites three companies in working shoulder to shoulder to bridge the digital divide while enabling residents and businesses to realise their potential. As we expand further into Africa, this is another example of the power of collaboration with industry peers that share our vision of advancing humanity”. Farhan Khan is the CEO of Yahclick

Adamu Babadisa, Chief Technical Officer, of GCES added, “For years, we have worked with all major telecommunication firms in Nigeria and Africa by providing professional quality services to the African telecommunication industry. This latest partnership will allow GCES to introduce 9mobile to the latest telecommunication applications, equipment, and IT infrastructure we provide to help sustain their mobile network operations. This partnership will eliminate the barriers to mobile internet adoption within remote regions in Nigeria and improve the citizens’ access to affordable devices, data plans, and opportunities that arise from staying connected. This is a step closer to uplifting the marginalised communities that live in unserved and underserved regions, not to mention the socio-economic benefits that come with the sighting of such infrastructure in terms of job creation and economic prosperity of these communities.”


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