What Role Will Electronically Steered Antennas Play in Shaping the African Space Industry?

Africa's space industry has been steadily progressing, yet challenges such as limited infrastructure and resources persist. However, Electronically Steered Antennas (ESAs), offering enhanced versatility and efficiency in satellite communications and Earth observation, can significantly bolster the continent's space endeavours. This article highlights the impact of ESAs on the African space industry and how they can shape the continent's space aspirations, capabilities, and contributions.

Source: everything RF

Electrically steered antennas (ESA) were designed to address the several limitations of traditional mechanically steered antennas. These antennas offer greater flexibility and improved performance in various applications, including radar & communication systems and satellite communication. They can also electronically adjust their direction without moving the antennas physically. Initially designed to detect planes and missiles for...

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