Webinar: Insider’s Guide to Business Success in the African Space Industry

Space in Africa will be hosting a webinar on doing business in Africa, themed Insider’s Guide to Business Success in the African Space Industry, on Friday, 11 August 2023. The webinar will gather industry leaders, NewSpace companies, heads of national space agencies, foreign space actors, and other critical stakeholders to share insights and ideas on growing a space business from the ground up in the African space ecosystem. 

The African space industry revenue is currently valued at USD 19.49 billion and is estimated to grow by 16.16% to USD 22.64 billion by 2026. Space technologies continue to be instrumental to Africa’s development, with an increasing number of ongoing space application projects across the continent. Therefore, as the African space industry expands, it presents unparalleled opportunities for space enterprises to enter and flourish. Nonetheless, building a space business in Africa brings on distinctive hurdles that call for resourceful and effective solutions. This webinar will explore the potential advantages and obstacles of engaging in space ventures on the continent and practical strategies to surmount these challenges. Additionally, it will emphasise the pivotal role of innovation and entrepreneurship in fostering the continued growth of the African space industry.

Furthermore, the webinar will discuss specific industry segments with increased business opportunities for indigenous and foreign space actors, including Earth Observation, Satellite Communication, and Satellite Manufacturing and Launch, amongst others, share case studies on thriving businesses in the African space industry, highlight strategies for brand positioning and credibility and how to align your business offerings and services with the needs of core African space actors and governments and help identify risks and solutions necessary to build your space enterprise in Africa. 

In addition, the webinar aims to foster interest, ease interested businesses into the African market, and increase collaboration between national space agencies and NewSpace companies. Thus, space entrepreneurs and enthusiasts, NewSpace companies, young professionals, national space agencies, academia, and investors are invited to participate in a stimulating conversation around business development opportunities in the African space industry. 


Invited speakers for the webinar include: 

  1. Dr Zolana Joao, General Manager, Angolan Space Management Office, 
  2. Viola Kirui, Co-Founder and Director, Geospatial Research International,
  3. Reuben Oshomah, Regional Director, West Africa -Avanti, 
  4. Alex Fortescue, Sales Manager, Africa – Maxar,
  5. David du Toit, Business Advisor, Dragonfly Aerospace, and
  6. Mustapha Iderawumi, Senior Analyst, Space in Africa (Moderator).

The diverse range of speakers in the webinar ensures that the challenges and opportunities of conducting business in the African space industry are thoroughly examined holistically, offering a comprehensive birds-eye view.

Benefits for Participants

  1. Gain valuable insights into Africa’s burgeoning space industry and its potential for business growth.
  2. Learn how to align products and services with the specific needs of African space agencies.
  3. Acquire strategies to enhance visibility and credibility within the industry.
  4. Understand the procurement processes and how to position your business to win contracts.
  5. Get equipped with tools and knowledge to navigate challenges and mitigate risks effectively.

Important Information

  1. Date and Time – The event will be held on Friday, 11 August 2023, from 12:00 to 1:30 pm GMT via Zoom. 
  2. Registration Link – Registration is open to all interested individuals. To register, please click here
  3. To learn more about the webinar, please click here.

About Space in Africa

Space in Africa is the leading analytics and consulting company in the space sector, serving both the institutional and commercial markets with a particular focus on Africa. Our experience builds on a long track of past projects executed for international organisations, national governments, and commercial players, with high stakes in the space business. Our practice cuts across all African countries. Space in Africa’s proprietary, research-based business and market analysis predict critical outcomes in what happens next in the industry and the opportunities available. Our data-driven analysis, free of vested interests and pre-conceptions, is helping to shape the ecosystem by making available accurate information critical for the change. 


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