Understanding GEO Week; 2020

GEO Week 2020 Industry Track

The first week of November 2020 is set aside to showcase the impact and possibilities of Earth Observation on sustainable development, economic growth and resource management. The week is dubbed GEO week and is organized by the Group on earth observation (GEO) – an intergovernmental partnership working with and on behalf of 111 UN Member States and the European Union

This year’s week-long celebration which is going to engage leaders from across the GEO community will be centred on ways to build a digital economy, support Earth Observation initiatives and highlight approaches to open data-sharing in Earth Observation. The commemoration of the week is to hold virtually and would consolidate efforts of member states towards the actualization of the Canberra declaration which was signed last year by member states in Australia. The virtual ceremony is also going to feature the 53rd executive session as a substitute for the plenary session of member states. 

The GEO week is scheduled to hold from November 2 to November 6, 2020, and is going to feature two virtual panel sessions. The first is a conversation with GEO principals on how to derive value from GEO while narrating how member countries are developing their society and economy through earth observation and GEO initiatives. While the second will highlight approaches to data sharing in Earth Observation. It will also discuss gaining access to in-situ data and analysis-ready data for decision making and policy formulation. Experiences from GEO initiatives and products would also be shared during these sessions.

Exhibition of earth observation solutions and initiatives would also be featured during this earth observation week. This exhibition would take place via a networking platform that connects stakeholders in earth observation industry with Medium Small and Medium Micro-sized Enterprises (SMMEs). 

Also to be featured are; The GEO Awards Ceremony, A global fundraising campaign kick-off and a host of other events. 



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