Third African Space Stakeholders Dialogue begins in Dakar, Senegal

Third African Space Stakeholders Dialogue begins in Dakar Senegal

The African Union Commission is organizing the third African Space Stakeholders Dialogue in Dakar Senegal from 12-14 June 2019. The African space dialogue is an important platform for discussing issues that require strategic directions, and an arena for countries and regional blocks to update the wider African community on the developments of their space activities.

The objectives of the meeting include:

A. Update and discuss with the stakeholders on progress made on the implementation of the African Space Policy and Strategy, on the regional and National Space Agencies’ activities and other Pan-African initiatives including, but not limited to:

  1. Governance and Collaboration
    • the African Space Agency
    • support to other African initiatives
  2. Implementation of the Earth Observation segment
    • The study on private sector in Earth Observation, Geospatial and Allied Technologies
    • The implementation on GMES & Africa
    • The AUC-EC agreement on the COPERNICUS data

3. The environmental scan studies

    • the survey and gap analysis on satellite and positioning infrastructure and technologies in Africa
    • the baseline study for satellite communication in Africa
    • the upcoming survey on astronomy and space science

4. Pan-African, regional and national space activities.

B. Engage the African space stakeholders and community on the next steps of the development and implementation of the African Outer Space Programme.

Expected results

By the end of the dialogue, participants are updated on the progress made on the implementation of the:

  1. African Space Policy and Strategy
  2. Participants are expected to provide advice, recommendations and proposals for the next steps of the implementation of the African Space Policy and Strategy
  3. It is expected that African Space Stakeholders are more involved and engaged for the implementation of the African Space Policy and Strategy.

The stakeholders at the meeting include leaders of National space agencies, representatives of the African Union Commission Department of Science and Technology, leaders of research institutes and leaders of the NewSpace industry.

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