The on-site investigation for Namibian Remote Sensing Satellite Ground Receiving Station is completed

Namibian Ambassador to China received the national flag which travelled in space with Chinese space station for 90 days, Sept. 2021

Recently, an expert panel from China completed the on-site investigation for Namibian Remote Sensing Satellite Ground Receiving Station. The investigation got significant information such as civil work preparation status to boot the construction of the station as early as possible. 

In 2018 Namibia and China signed an agreement on the establishment of the Remote Sensing Satellite Ground Receiving Station through the Chinese grant funding system. The station will enable Namibia to obtain satellite remote sensing data covering its land and sea territory to conduct research on domestic natural resources, agriculture, disaster mitigation and addressing climate change etc. The station includes antenna feed subsystem, channel subsystem, data recording and transmission subsystem and control subsystem. Besides, China will also provide technical training to 10 local engineers and send experts to Namibia for joint research and development.

The space cooperation between China and Namibia was originated from the Chinese manned spaceflight program. There was a Chinese TT & C station for a manned spaceship built in Namibia and operational since 2001, which was the first Chinese ground station in Southern Hemisphere. Recently a Namibian national flag travelled with Chinese Astronauts in Shenzhou-12 spaceship and stayed in the Chinese space station for 90 days. While accepting this special gift from space, H.E.Dr.Kaiyamo, the Ambassador of Namibia to China said: It was due to China’s manned space program that many youths in Namibia began to pay attention to space technology. And Namibia will further develop its space industry through China’s support in training even joint research with its youth who dedicate to space exploration and satellite application. The ongoing construction of the Remote Sensing Satellite Ground Receiving Station will definitely become a key to fulfilling the expectation from the Ambassador’ speech.


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