Tel-Aviv Traded Africa-focused Satcom Systems Appoints New CEO And Increases Board Involvement

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Tel-Aviv Traded Africa-focused Satcom Systems Appoints New CEO And Increases Board Involvement
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Satcom Systems announced yesterday the appointment of Asaf Rosenheck as CEO of Satcom and the subsidiary Gilat Telecom. Dan Zajicek, the outgoing CEO of Satcom, will be leaving his position and is expected to start as CEO of Space Communications, the operator of the Amos satellite.

Rosenheck, who has served in management positions at Satcom for 10 years, will be appointed immediately as CEO.

Rosenheck has experience and knowledge in the many areas of operations of the Company and is intimately acquainted with the Company’s customers. As part of his previous positions at Satcom, Rosenheck served as VP Sales and VP Business Development, and he was responsible for handling the Company’s business with its strategic customers.

Over his years at Satcom, he worked a great deal in Africa and especially in Liberia, Sierra Leone, Zambia, Ghana, Kenya, South Sudan and others. In his work, he helped to advance and sign deals worth tens of millions of shekels, including service contracts, the supply of communications services, fibre optics and the supply of value-added equipment and services.

Prior to joining Satcom, Rosenheck served as VP Information Systems at Cellcom Liberia (a cellular company owned by the Israeli LR Group) in Africa. In this position, Rosenheck deepened his acquaintance with the African market as well as his knowledge in the fields of communications and satellites.

Ami Barlev, who today serves as the Company’s Chairman, will increase his involvement in the Group and serve as Executive Chairman of the Board of Directors. Among other matters, Barlev will be leading the Company’s strategy (as set by the Company’s Board), will act to advance and develop the Company with the emphasis on financing, work with the capital market, and focusing and developing the Company’s areas of operations, in addition to carrying out the day to day tasks that are the responsibility of the Chairman of the Board.

Ami Barlev, Chairman of the Board of Directors, says: “Asaf has been part of the Group for many years and has a great deal of knowledge about the special and complex communications and satellite markets in Africa. Over recent years Asaf has led the Company’s sales network to great achievements and has been a mainstay of Satcom’s growth.

“Satcom is in a strong commercial and financial position and is acting to carry out its business with the efficiency and care required by the challenges the market has been experiencing recently. I am completely confident the current management team under Asaf’s leadership knows how to successfully handle these challenges while achieving new commercial targets and retaining stability in the Company’s order book.

“On this occasion, I wish to thank Dan Zajicek, who has led Satcom for the last 8 years. During Dan’s period in office, Satcom achieved quality accomplishments and consistently improved its results and I wish him success in his new position.”

Satcom has posted growth of 22% in revenues in Quarter 3 and jumped significantly in gross profit that came to 29.2% of revenues, with backorders standing at USD 53 million up to 2023. Also, Satcom has renewed and improved major contracts with a number of communications operators in the Congo and Seychelles.

Most of the Company’s customers are located in Africa. However, the Company also has customers in Europe, North America and Asia, including communications networks operators, governments, ISPs, private businesses, and operators of internal networks such as financial organizations, teaching institutions, non-profit organizations and international humanitarian bodies. In Israel, the Company sells to security organizations and government ministries.


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