Space Science and Satellite Technology Applications Conference To Begin On 25 November


Space Science and Technology Conference at All Nations University Ghana

Ghana’s All Nations University will on 25 – 26 November 2019 host industry experts, academics and policymakers from Ghana and invited guests from outside Ghana to a two-day conference on Space Science and Satellite Technology Applications (SSSTA).

The SSSTA conference since its inception remains one of the conferences in Ghana actively championing activities on space science and satellite technology. It was initiated by the All Nations University as a university conference in 2012 focusing on innovative technological ways to national development in the area of space science and technology. These activities, therefore, led to the launch of Ghana’s first satellite “GHANASAT-1” developed by Ghanaian engineers from the All Nations University, making Ghana a spacefaring nation.

The conference has grown to become a National/International Conference to explore and sustain the country’s Space Technology Activities to benefit humanity and for economic and social development. The Conference seeks to create a platform to bring together space science & technology experts, professionals and researchers from around the world to share their experiences and expertise to advancing Ghana and Africa’s space program.

It, more importantly, focusses on bringing together government, the private sector, industries, great minds, and stakeholders within the country and worldwide whose work and activities directly or indirectly benefit from Space Technology towards national development to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals 2030 and Africa Union Agenda 2063.

This year’s conference is expected to bring all stakeholders and young professionals in the space industry under a common platform to discuss matters relating to advancing space science and technology for socio-economic development in Ghana and Africa at large. The conference will feature keynote speeches, plenary sessions, poster sessions and technical presentations with a focus on the following thematic areas:

  • Space Applications benefit for socio-economic development and SDGs.
  • Building space infrastructure for emerging countries.
  • Space policy and legal framework of emerging countries.
  • Collaborations and Space Diplomacy for emerging countries.
  • Youth Capacity Building, Technology and Skill Development.

Participation at the conference will comprise of representatives of African universities, science institutions, government agencies, development partners and international space institutions including Aerial & Maritime, GOMSpace, Space Advisory Company and Kyushu Institute of Technology’s Center for Nanosatellite Testing(CeNT).

Registration for the conference is still open. Click here to register.


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