South Korean Ambassador Visits the Egyptian Space Agency

CEO of EgSA, Mohammed El- Quosy

Dr Mohamed Al-Qussy, the executive president of the Egyptian Space Agency, received the South Korean Ambassador to Egypt, Ambassador Hong Shin Weng, and his accompanying delegation on Tuesday, 30/11/2021, at the agency headquarters.

The visit began with a tour around the agency’s establishments, which included a visit to the Assembly, Integration and Testing (AIT) building headquarters and tours inside the agency labs, checking out the various satellite factories and the latest technological capabilities and human powers representing engineers and staff as a whole, this alongside the agency building The new is under construction, the space city, as well as the headquarters of the African Space Agency, which is hosting it Egypt.

Al-Qussy pointed out that EgSA is delighted to be one of the aspects that South Korea contributes to. Furthermore, Hong expressed his delight and praised the agency’s efforts and capabilities, noting the space sector’s importance. He added that the space sector would strengthen cooperation between both parties. They also suggested that a partnership between South Korea and Egypt in the space sector will benefit Egypt’s space education sector.

Dr Mohamed Iraqi, EgSA’s vice president, also presented on the agency’s capabilities. He clarified the agency’s organisational structure and projects. He also discussed the satellites the agency was currently working on and their expected launch date. In addition, engineer Rania Salah also discussed the communications department’s available and future projects. The projects are such that enable investment opportunities in the space science and technology sector.

And at the end of the visit, Dr Mohamed Al-Qussy handed over the space agency’s shield to Mr Hong. Mr Hong also expressed his gratitude to all the engineers and workers of the agency for a visit. Furthermore, he expressed the desire to repeat and activate the cooperation between the parties.


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