Satellogic and GeoTerraImage Partner to Develop African Food Systems

Satellogic, an Argentine company specialising in Earth-observation satellites, has reached an agreement with GeoTerraImage. The two companies will partner to develop new food systems and food security solutions in Africa. Consequently, GeoTerraImage will utilise the former’s high-resolution multi-spectral satellite data and low-latency hyperspectral data for large-scale agriculture management. GeoTerraImage will also exploit Satellogic’s unique, low-latency hyperspectral imagery offering. The company will use it for large-scale agriculture applications across the globe. Satellogic recently became a public company after a strategic purpose acquisition company sponsored by Cantor Fitzgerald.

GeoTerraImage is a reliable solutions provider for customers across Africa and the globe. By leveraging Satellogic’s high-resolution, high-frequency geospatial data and combining it with their proprietary software and algorithms, GeoTerraImage will bring differentiated and value-added products and services to their end customers. Likewise, imagery from Satellogic’s growing constellation will fuel new agricultural analysis and dashboards. Organisations across the continent and beyond will subsequently benefit from them. In addition to Satellogic’s multi-spectral data, GeoTerraImage will leverage Satellogic’s unique, low-latency hyperspectral imagery offering for large-scale agriculture applications across the globe.

“This is a fascinating time for the African space industry. Satellogic is thrilled for the opportunity to contribute to the continued growth and development of the region’s geospatial capabilities,” said Thomas VanMatre, Vice President of Global Business Development, Satellogic. “By providing high-resolution, high-frequency imagery at an affordable price point, Satellogic will help GeoTerraImage solve some of the most challenging resource-allocation and food-security challenges of our time.”

Satellogic’s patented camera design uses adaptive optics to collect 10-20 times more data from a single satellite. Furthermore, Satellogic satellites can capture images continuously when they are on top of the land. The satellites can also collect more than 300,000 sq. km of data per day, significantly more than any competitor. The company continues to manufacture their satellites and launch with SpaceX and other launch partners.

“Together, as a result of this partnership, GeoTerraImage and Satellogic are bringing an unmatched capability to market,” said Pieter Sevenhuysen, Director at GeoTerraImage. “Utilizing Satellogic’s low-latency hyperspectral imagery, GeoTerra’s comprehensive agriculture offering will provide unmatched value in the agriculture vertical.”


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