SANSA Renews Partnership with GeoTerraImage and Ekosource Insight to Utilise the Mzansi Amanzi Tool for Water Resource Management in South Africa

Source: SANSA

The South African National Space Agency (SANSA) has renewed its partnership with GeoTerraImage and Ekosource Insight to provide satellite-based information for government entities to monitor and manage water resources through the National Water Quantity Information Service, also known as the “Mzansi Amanzi” tool. 

The Mzansi Amanzi tool uses the  Sentinel 1 and 2 satellite data to compute the surface water area, from which dam water volume levels across South Africa are modelled monthly. The tool supports a wide range of water resource managers and provides insights such as estimating available water supply volume in a region. In addition, the monthly data provides the volume and surface area histories of individual dams dating back to 2016, including the volume and surface area summaries per catenary catchment.

Furthermore, the Mzansi Amanzi monthly water datasets (2016 – till date) distributed by SANSA are in GIS-compatible raster and vector file formats. The insights are freely accessible and available for each new assessment month on the 15th day of the following month and are utilised by the South African government departments and stakeholders to undertake developmental projects and make strategic decisions for socioeconomic prosperity.  

For more information on accessing the water datasets, email SANSA Earth Observation at cu**********@sa***.za or click here.


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