SANSA Leverages Satellite Data to Enhance Flooding Response in Free State

A satellite image shows a highway blocked with traffic and strewn shipping containers, after South Africa was hit with devastating floods, in Durban, South Africa April 14, 2022. Picture taken April 14, 2022. Image: Maxar Technologies/Handout via REUTERS

The South African National Space Agency (SANSA) has released satellite imagery following the Jagersfontein Dam flooding in the Free State on 11 September 2022. This was a reactionary measure when a dam in the Free State Province’s Jagersfontein breached its walls early on Sunday morning, causing terrible property damage and fatalities.

The National Disaster Management Centre, local authorities, and impacted businesses can use the intelligence obtained by SANSA’s Earth Observation satellite data to enhance disaster response activities and estimate flood damage.

SANSA is analysing the data to map the degree of property and infrastructure damage in flood-affected areas. Earth Observation-derived intelligence will help in the measurement of post-flooding disaster quantification and the estimation of total damage, demonstrating the usefulness of such data in government response operations.

Further, this information is crucial for the government and industry to determine the financial requirements and priority areas to focus on in order to save lives while having a minimal impact on the economy and improving municipal planning.

SANSA has created disaster management technologies that may provide appropriate authorities with early flood warnings and information on high-risk flood zones.  SANSA also has the capability to monitor flooding and give authorities pertinent satellite imagery to aid in post-flood disaster management.

The accompanying Earth Observation-derived map showcases the areas affected by floods. For more information on access to the data, you can contact SANSA customer services.


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