Russia Is Exploring Space Technology Collaboration With Seychelles

Russia Is Exploring Space Technology Collaboration With Seychelles
Russia Ambassador H.E Artem Alexandrovich Kozhin and President Danny Faure. Photo Credit: State House, Office of the President of the Republic of Seychelles

The new Ambassador of the Russian Federation to Seychelles, H.E Artem Alexandrovich Kozhin, while presenting his credentials to President Danny Faure during an accreditation ceremony held yesterday morning at the State House, disclosed that Russia is looking forward to collaborating with Seychelles in several fields including space technology to mitigate the risk of climate change.

“We all have to fight with the negative consequences of climate change which is very important for this part of the world. This is one more sphere where space technology could be useful. Space is not only about but science but it’s also about saving the planet. We feel very optimistic in starting these projects and fulfilling these ambitious dreams,” the Seychelles News Agency quotes the ambassador as saying.

Ambassador Kozhin sounded optimistic that Russia could in the nearest future begin cooperation in space exploration with Seychelles while emphasizing Russia’s expertise in scientific research in various fields including exploration of outer space which he hopes could be useful to Seychelles in realizing their national goals in outer space.

Kozhin further pitched possible collaboration between Russia and Seychelles in investment and trade, tourism, education and media, while noting that the Russia Africa Summit last year opened a new door and paved a new way of boosting the economic cooperation between Russia and countries of the African Union including Seychelles.

“On behalf of the people and the government of Seychelles, I wish to take this opportunity to personally welcome you to Seychelles. We are committed to cementing our friendship with Russia. We believe that there is great scope for growth on a multitude of levels. We are confident that with your appointment, further progress in areas of mutual importance can be cultivated and that opportunities can be capitalized upon,” said President Faure.


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