Russia and Uganda Sign Joint Declaration to Keep Space Weapons-Free

In an official release by the Russian News Agency TASS, Sergey Lavrov, the Russian Foreign Minister, and Jeje Odongo, his Ugandan counterpart, recently signed a bilateral declaration affirming their countries’ commitment to refrain from initiating the deployment of weapons in outer space. The signing of this joint declaration marks a significant step towards ensuring outer space’s long-term stability and security. In addition, it reinforces the principle of peaceful exploration and cooperation in space, aiming to prevent the escalation of tensions and militarising this vital frontier.

Furthermore, the meeting between Lavrov and Odongo exemplifies the importance of diplomacy and collaboration in addressing global challenges. It demonstrates their governments’ commitment to fostering peaceful relations, promoting economic cooperation, and contributing to space and regional trade stability. The joint efforts between Russia and Uganda are an encouraging example for other nations to prioritise peaceful engagement in space exploration and seek mutually beneficial agreements in various sectors.

Aside from focusing on space security, Lavrov and Odongo engaged in discussions on other bilateral matters. One key topic was an agreement concerning grain transportation across the Black Sea. By addressing this issue, the ministers aimed to enhance trade relations and facilitate the smooth movement of agricultural goods between their respective countries.


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