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AfricaNeedSpace is an online workshop organized by EurekaGeo and Space Generation Advisory Council (SGAC-Cameroon) to promote space and its opportunities in Africa.

The workshop aims to:

  • Promote space and its applications for entrepreneurship
  • Promote African Space Policy drawn up by the African Union Commission(AUC)
  • Present the actors involved in Space in Africa
  • Encourage the Networking of actors in the Space ecosystem for sharing and collaboration to boost the African economy 
  • Propose, strategic avenues for the implementation of Space activities in Cameroon
  • Share experiences and success stories of space supported economic and social development 

With the participation of more than twenty national and international experts and CEOs, this 1st workshop will focus on two phases

  1. The framing phase which is to present the laws, policies, framework regulating the implementation of space activities in Africa and Cameroon. This framing phase will be lead by Dr Tidiane Outtara: Space Science Expert and GMES & AFRICA Support Program Coordinator (African Union Commission).
  2. The technical session, organized into 10 practical demonstration webinars on solutions used to date by Afrique Telecom, NigComSat, Satellogic S.A, SOGEFI, OpenCosmos, CRASTE-FL, Viera Almeida, Akdeniz University, Nanosatellite Design Mission, etc.

Participants during the workshops will enjoy a unique experience of culture and information through discussions and training sessions. this workshop is open to everyone. 

Participants should register and select the workshop of their choice on the platform:

Contact point focal: af*************@gm***.com" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">info@af*************@gm***.com


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