POULSAT Selects Eutelsat ADVANCE to Connect Schools in North Africa

Press release from Eutelsat

Source: Eutelsat

According to a press release by Eutelsat Communications, the satellite operator has partnered with POULSAT to deliver high-speed internet connectivity to schools in North Africa, utilising Eutelsat ADVANCE, a pioneering satellite network-as-a-service solution. POULSAT’s digital classroom project, supported by The World Bank Group, will connect over a hundred schools in the next three years. In addition, the collaboration makes distance learning and education possible for children living in underserved regions, empowering entire communities in the Sahel region and beyond.

POULSAT has developed a connectivity solution called Eutelsat ADVANCE, which employs the Ka-band and is powered by solar VSAT terminals. This solution, launched in 2004, creates local WiFi hotspots and uses proprietary cloud solutions, allowing teachers and students to share files within a classroom setting. POULSAT specialises in creating affordable broadband connectivity solutions on land globally, tailored to the needs and applications of its clients. Its objective is to provide universal connectivity, and it achieves this by designing sustainable solutions that are both economical and involve training the impacted community while also creating local employment opportunities to ensure the longevity of the project.

Through this collaboration with POULSAT, Eutelsat grows its portfolio of Eutelsat ADVANCE customers who choose a cost-effective and robust solution for high-end connectivity services. In addition, the partnership amplifies its Corporate Social Responsibility commitments of enabling connectivity for all, specifically those beyond the confines of existing terrestrial infrastructure.

While speaking on the importance of the partnership, Cyril Dujardin, Eutelsat General Manager of the Connectivity Business Unit, said: “We are particularly proud of our commercial partnership with POULSAT, which will enable to connect the underserved pupils in North Africa, bringing the essential need that is connectivity today for education, distance learning, working and development. As a result, we are changing perspectives for children and young adults in the remotest areas, empowering entire communities in the region and beyond. At Eutelsat, we are committed to bridging the communications divide, and POULSAT’s innovative digital classroom solution using Eutelsat ADVANCE is making that happen.”

Ildevert Digbeu, POULSAT’s Chief Executive Officer, commented: “Connectivity must be done with a purpose. We don’t only connect with anyone, anywhere, anytime, but we do so intelligently. We consider the Social, economic, political, and geographical context to craft the right solution for each partner. This is what sets us apart from others. Our partnership with Eutelsat makes reaching every corner of the globe possible.”

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