PAPSSN Launches FAST4Future


Earlier today, the Pan African Planetary and Science Network launched Focus on Africa Space Science and Technology 4 Future development (FAST4Future), a consortium composed of Botswana, Nigeria, South Africa, Zambia, Italy and Sweden.

FAST4Future works to strengthen Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) in African higher education. It aims to implement this through Planetary and Science Technology (PSST) for sustainable growth and job creation in a continent that is on a steady path of advancing the 4th industrial revolution. PSST is valuable for key investment in Africa as graduates, and young scientists benefit from soft and practical skills which are tailored towards the needs of the 21st century in digital innovation and job creation.

FAST4Future aims to;

  • Increase the accessibility of STEM in higher education;
  • Modernisation of existing PSST programmes in line with industry and policymakers;
  • To foster the internalisation of higher education institutions through promoting the mobility of staff; and 
  • Promotion of the standardisation of PSST in Africa to support students’ mobility.

Lastly, FAST4Future will promote the creation of a Centre for Excellence, which will be linked to a virtual platform. The rationale behind this is to foster accessibility to the platform for the purposes of coordinated action.