Our Team

Founder and Managing Editor – Temidayo Isaiah Oniosun
Temidayo has 6 years experience studying the African Space Industry and has been listed as one of the World 24 Under 24 leaders and innovators in Space and STEAM by the Mars Generation, and one of the recipients of 35 Under 35 space industry recognition award by the International Institute of Space Commerce. He has won several awards for his work in promoting Space Science and Technology in Africa and is currently the Regional Coordinator (Africa) for the Space Generation Advisory Council where he is leading African Students and Young Professionals in the creation of International Space Policy, ensuring their opinion is heard in key policy making at the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs. Email

Partner and Lead Content Manager – Sylvia Makario

Sylvia Makario’s experience spans the fields of geospatial engineering and space technology. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Geospatial Engineering and Space Technology from the University Of Nairobi, Kenya, and a Master of Science in Information Technology from Carnegie Mellon University to further her dream of developing expertise in the area of spatial information technology and leveraging it for societal benefits such as combating climate change and disaster management.

She has worked with the United Nations and other organizations on the use of space technology for social and economic development. In 2013, while still a sophomore at the University of Nairobi, she co-founded a startup company, Geowiz Services, to utilize geospatial technologies for social good. Email

Senior Editor  – Joseph Ibeh

Joseph Ibeh is a Mandela Washington Fellow and Senior Editor at Space in Africa. He writes about Africa’s NewSpace companies and emerging national space programs.  Email.





Reporter – Venny Dlamini

Venny Dlamini is a reporter.  In 2018, she was awarded a best essay winner by Minister Modi of India together with President
Ramaphosa of South Africa during the BRICS Summit. She was also selected by News24 in July 2018 as one of the future 100 Young Mandelas. In
2016 she received a Civic Leadership Certificate at the University of South Africa after completing the
Young Africa Leadership Initiative for Southern African Young Leaders. In 2019, Venny was invited by the President of the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) to attend the ECOSOC forum. She is presently completing her law degree at the University of Johannesburg and concurrently doing a programming course with Sua Africa. She has previously served as an intern at the Attorneys Insurance Indemnity Fund where she gained valuable research and writing skills. Venny’s interests are writing, research, law, justice, development, women and girls empowerment. Dlamini is an aspiring space lawyer. Email.

Intern (Newspace Economy) –  Abhishek Diggewadi
In July 2018, Abhishek Akash Diggewadi graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering Degree in Electronics at the University of Mumbai, Mumbai, India. Currently, he is pursuing Master of Science Degree in Space Studies at International Space University (ISU), Strasbourg, France. He is fondly called Prince Stalwart at his University. As a follower of science and technology, he likes to discover New Space Economy Prospects. Email



Administrative Assistant/Internship Coordinator – Elizabeth Olubodun

Elizabeth Olubodun studies Mass Communications at Covenant University, Ota, Nigeria. She is in charge of administration at the Space in Africa office and she coordinates the Space in Africa Internship Program. Email




Staff Writer Intern (Science & Astronomy) – Samyukta Manikumar

Samyukta completed her BSc in Mathematics and Applied Mathematics at the University of Cape Town, South Africa. She works as an astronomer and science communicator for the Travelling Telescope, an astronomy outreach enterprise based in Kenya. She also runs an astronomy blog (https://thebast.co), and volunteers in digital design in her spare time.

Staff Writer Intern (Outer Space) – Carringtone Kinyanjui

Carringtone is a Master’s student in theoretical physics. He has a degree in Astronomy and Astrophysics from the University of Nairobi, Kenya, and is also a member of the Theoretical Physics Research Group at the University of Nairobi. He is studying theoretical physics, specifically the possible applications of an extended General Relativity model in the problem of quantum gravity. He is also interested in the fields of philosophy and the public communication of the methods, and importance of science to the general public, with his main objective being the inculcating of critical thought in society. In philosophy, he is interested in the philosophical foundations of science and the effect of philosophy on the development of scientific thought. He subscribe to the transhumanist school of thought. He writes about interesting scientific ideas he has studied, or thought of during the week.

Staff Writer Intern (Geosciences) – Michael Ugom

Michael is a graduate of Geography from Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida University, Nigeria. His flair for space science sprouted from childhood but was well developed during his internship at the National Space Research and Development Agency in Abuja, Nigeria. His scientific research in space science at the National Space Research and Development Agency includes the mapping of Abuja phase 1 and research in climate change related topics such as air moisture and environmental pollution. He also blogs about climate change and geoscience related topics in the blockchain backed social media platform, Steemit.

Staff Writer Intern – Monica Sebastian

Monica has a Bachelor of Science in Geomatics from the Ardhi University in Tanzania. She is interested in geodesy, space, and the satellite industry, especially the application of data from earth observation satellites through spatial data visualization and analysis.





Staff Writer Intern – Olayode Abdurasaq Oluwole

Layode is a space affairs analyst with a degree in  philosophy from Ekiti State University, Nigeria and a postgraduate degree in satellite communications from the African Regional Centre for Space Science And Technology Education-English, ARCSSTEE. He has worked at the media relations unit of the Centre for Satellite Technology Development (CSTD) for over 5 years and is currently the Head of Media and Branding at the Institute of Space Science and Engineering (ISSE), Abuja, Nigeria. His love for research in the area of space philosophy has given him a wide experience and readiness to make an impact toward bringing space philosophy to the limelight via Space for Africa.


Guest Writers

  1. Dr. Rajan Bedi
  2. Timothy Kuhamba
  3. Allen Herbert