Nilesat set to deploy Ateme’s Titan Live Platform

image credit: panorama audiovisual

Satellite communication company, Nilesat, announced its plan to deploy Ateme’s Titan Live platform for its new projects.

Ateme’s Titan project aims to provide an innovative video distribution platform based on Titan components to solve broadcast regionalisation problem and over the top (OTT) support decoding. The project would also revolutionalise transcoding on the fly, cache and splicing. They are also concerned with cutting down economic and development cost associated with the new system.

The primary project will see Ateme Titan live used to improve video distribution over IP using a new fibre link between the Egyptian Media Production City (EMPC) and the Egyptian satellite operator, Nilesat.  Titan uses a new network architecture the enables real-time multi-screen format IP based transcoder to deliver video files to various screens, TV, mobile and web simultaneously, without any reduction in the video quality.

Ateme’s Titan LIve video headend was also selected to improve Nilesat current video processing framework for the Egyptian National Media Authority (ENMA) channels.

From this venture, Nilesat also gets a comprehensive and flexible business plan with Ateme, which would see Nilesat obtain a universal licence that covers all codecs and output types without any extra cost.

The Regional Sales Director of Ateme, Mohamed Razik Zaghlouli, said,” Being chosen as the unique vendor for these projects shows that our innovative technology solutions are world-class. And this also cements our status as one of the leading Middle East and North Africa (MENA) satellite solution provider.

Hamdy Mounir, the Chief Technical Officer of Nilesat, also said, ” As we embarked on these projects, Ateme’s solution stood out from the crowd. Its Titan live solution can help us achieve our current requirements and enable us to expand our infrastructure as we continue to increase our service offering.




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