NileSat declares payout date of investors profits

image credit: Staff Writer, Arab Finance

The Egyptian Satellites (Nilesat) will convey yearly money profits of USD 0.45 (EGP 7.06) per share on April 28, as per the organization’s April 5 statement filed to the Egyptian Exchange.

Nilesat announced that the dividend would be doled out to the shareholders recorded on April 25. NileSat posted a net benefit of  USD 34.15 million (EGP 535.53 million) in 2020, contrasted with USD 42.53 million (EGP 666.95 million) out of 2019.

At press time, the conversion rate is USD 1 is EGP 15.68.

NileSat is an Egypt-based public shareholding organization that offers administrations identified with satellite radio, television broadcasting and broadband internet. The organization has a booking community that gives a wide range of services, including satellite data procurement and analysis, all through the African and Middle Eastern areas.