Nigeria’s President Approves 2020 Budget, Allocates USD 59.26 Million For Space Program

Nigeria's President, Muhammadu Buhari addressing the National Assembly.

Nigeria’s President, Muhammadu Buhari, today approved a record ₦10.59 trillion (USD 35 billion) 2020 budget for the country. The budget which was passed earlier this month by the National Assembly assumes a deficit of 1.52% of the estimated gross domestic product to be financed by foreign and domestic borrowing. Part of the budget was allocated to all the principal space institutions in the country including the National Space Research and Development Agency and its centres (under the Ministry of Science and Technology), the Nigerian Communications Satellite Limited (under the Ministry of Communications Technology), and the Defence Space Administration (under the Ministry of Defense).

The Ministry of Science and Technology received ₦80,313,367,988 (USD 220 million) of the budget while 19.94% of this will go to the National Space Research and Development Agency and its centres. The Ministry of Communications Technology received ₦18,684,140,713 (USD 51.3 million) of the budget while 18.59% of this will go to the Nigerian Communications Satellite Limited. The Ministry of Defence received ₦878,458,607,427 (USD 2.41 billion) of the budget while 0.227% of this will go to the Defence Space Administration.

The total approved budget for space for 2020 is ₦21,483,232,879 (USD 59.26 million) spread across the National Space Research and Development Agency (NASRDA) and its centres, the Nigerian Communications Satellite Limited (NigComSat), and the Defence Space Administration. NASRDA and its centres will receive a total of ₦16,015,525,945 (USD 44.18 million), NigComSat will receive ₦3,473,046,717 (USD 9.54 million), while Defence Space Administration will receive ₦1,994,660,217 (USD 5.48 million) in the 2020 fiscal year.

Breakdown of Nigeria’s Budget for Space for 2020

NASRDA Centres include the following:

  1. National Space Research and Development Agency Headquarters
  2. Centre for Atmospheric Research
  3. Advanced Space Technology Application Laboratory
  4. Centre for Geodesy and Geodynamics
  5. African Regional Centre for Space Education
  6. Centre for Space Transport Propulsion
  7. Centre for Basic Space Science
  8. National Centre for Remote Sensing
  9. NASRDA Institute of Space Science & Engineering
  10. Zonal Advanced Space Technology Application, Kashere
  11. Zonal Advance Space Technology Application, Langtang
Breakdown of Nigeria’s Budget NASRDA and its centres for 2020 (in ₦)

The 2020 budget is about 15.5% increase on the 2019 budget which allocated ₦18.1 billion (approximately USD 50 million) for the space program in the country. The budget allocation is excluding major projects such as satellite development as the country will be looking at developing and launching replacements for some of its old satellites.

Update: The initial version says the budget is USD 54.67 million, this has been updated with the budget for the Centre for Satellite Technology Development.

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