Nigerian Communications Commission Issues Landing Permit to E-Space

Press release from E-Space

Source: E-Space

The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), Nigeria’s Telecom Regulator, has granted E-Space Nigerian landing rights for its forthcoming low Earth orbit (LEO) constellation. This was first announced via an official release from E-Space. 

According to the release, the permit category authorises E-Space’s impending satellite system to provide communications services and connect Internet of Things (IoT) devices throughout Nigeria in many of the hardest-to-reach parts of the country, particularly those currently unserved by terrestrial providers.

In addition, E-Space recognises NIgeria as one of the many African nations exploring how communications and IoT solutions can address various challenges within its country and implement solutions to grow the local economy. E-Space has a unique focus that goes beyond traditional IoT with its Smart-IoT solutions — where IoT is augmented with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) — to empower nations, businesses and communities with real-time, actionable intelligence that’s highly affordable.

Potential use cases include:
  • Digital agriculture: Connected sensors can monitor soil moisture and temperature to help manage irrigation, seed and fertiliser transportation, storage, and distribution;
  • Healthcare: Monitoring vaccines and other medical supplies can reduce waste and boost security;
  • Energy: Sensors can supply 24/7 data for assets like oil and gas, power stations and storage facilities; and
  • Smart cities: IoT-powered grids and devices can enormously impact traffic flow while monitoring criminal activity, managing waste disposal, water supplies and more.

By leveraging the vast amounts of data collected by IoT devices, E-Space’s space-based Smart-IoT system can help identify patterns, learn and continuously optimise performance and efficiencies to enable nations like Nigeria to achieve specific socio-economic goals. The permit for landing rights from the Nigerian Communications Commission sets the stage for E-Space to work with the country’s government, businesses and communities to build the ecosystem and applications required to expand the local economy and create new jobs in a range of fields, including engineering, data analysis and more.

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