Nigeria Increases Space Budget, Kenya Launches Strategic Plan, African Countries Announce Future Satellite Projects, and More Stories Across the African Space Industry for October 2020 

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The Ethiopian Space Science & Technology Institute (ESSTI) has appointed a new director, as the agency is also preparing to launch a nanosatellite in 2020. 

Nigeria’s Proposed 2021 Space Budget is a 23% Increase on 2020 budget. Nigeria is also preparing for the construction of two new satellites in 2021. In a surprising discovery, satellite is contributing only 0.2% to Nigeria’s internet connectivity. 

The Kenyan Space agency was on a roll over the month, inviting public Universities for a research program, funding the University of Eldoret to coordinate research, providing grants for space weather study, while also launching the Kenya Space Agency Strategic Plan 2020-2025. Highlights of the launch event and plan can be read here. In an even more exciting turn of events, the agency has entered an agreement with Italy for Kenya’s Space centre to earn Sh25 million annually.


As countries are preparing for future projects, NanoAvionics, Dragonfly, Space JLTZ and have  formed a new international consortium called HyperActive. In n amazing scientific discovery, Africa’s desserts have been proven to be filled with trees.

More, stories across the continent.

Projects, Announcements, Deals and Events

Egyptian Space Agency made several partnerships over the month, including with Beni Suef Model University, Arab Academy of Sciences, Kazakhstan and Ukraine, with plans to execute several projects in coming years. The Agency has also concluded its summer training for 2020 amidst celebrations.

In East Africa, Kenya has launched a Hi-tech search and rescue system as Malawi is set to benefit from a flood intervention project under UNDP. 

Meanwhile, Canal+ signed a series of new agreements over the month, buying a 6.5% stake in Multichoice, and signing an extended agreement with SES.

More collaborations were recorded across Africa as ASSAf and SANSA seal collaborative agreement. Dragonfly Aerospace enters agreement with EOS DA; SpaceCom and Ignite sign agreement for e-Health coverage; Azam TV Migrates Video Platform to EUTELSAT 7C Satellite; China is ready to boost partnership with Algeria, while Peruvian Ambassador has also visited the Algerian Space Agency to discuss future partnerships.  The European Council is equally seeking a new partnership with Africa as South Africa experts have recommended an Internet Satellite launch for the SADC region.

In business development, Comtech receives USD1.0 million satellite ground station equipment order from Africa’s largest mobile network operator as Zimbabwean students launch high altitude balloon discover mission. ORBCOMM is also supporting wildlife conservation across Africa

In preparation for tech upgrades, Nigeria’s NCC is preparing for 5g by licensing new spectrums in the country. ICEYE has achieved a milestone of sharing over 18,000 Satellite images

Several events held or are forthcoming across the continent. The annual GEO Week is coming up on November 2, check here for speaker line-up and other event details. In celebration of World space week, several events happened across Africa. In the same vein, Angola’s MINTTICS and GGPEN hosted a conference on the National Earth Observation Program, while South Africa’s CSIR celebrates diamond jubilee.




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