NIGCOMSAT Hosts AUB’s 14th Ordinary Session, Advancing African Broadcasting Sector


On 20 May 2023, the Nigerian Communications Satellite Limited (NIGCOMSAT) hosted delegates for the 14th Ordinary Session of the African Union of Broadcasting (AUB) at its Ground Station in Abuja, Nigeria. The esteemed delegation, comprising over 50 members of the AUB, was led by the Director General of the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA), Mr Salihu Dembos.

During the visit, NIGCOMSAT’s Acting Managing Director & Executive Director of Finance & Administration, Mal. Hadi Mohammed, and the Executive Director of Marketing & Business Development, Dr Najeem F. Salaam, warmly welcomed the delegates. This gathering at NIGCOMSAT was a crucial part of the Union’s 14th Ordinary Session, providing a platform for discussions on shared interests and strategies to promote and advance the continent’s broadcast industry.

In his address, Mr Salihu Dembos expressed his satisfaction with NTA’s migration to the NIGCOMSAT-1R. He praised NTA’s collaboration with NIGCOMSAT and stated that it had been the best partnership in the history of the authority. Mr Dembos emphasised that NIGCOMSAT’s selection among numerous agencies in Nigeria demonstrates its exceptional performance, exceeding expectations.

             The Director-General of the Nigerian Television Authority, Mr Salihu Dembos. Source: NIGCOMSAT

Furthermore, Mr Dembos urged other African nations to capitalise on the abundant resources and services provided by NIGCOMSAT to enhance digital broadcasting throughout the continent. His remarks highlighted the importance of leveraging NIGCOMSAT’s capabilities and expertise to advance the development of broadcasting infrastructure and services across Africa.

The visit concluded with a comprehensive facility tour, allowing the delegates to witness NIGCOMSAT’s robust capabilities and the company’s commitment to advancing the African broadcast industry. This significant event further strengthens the partnership and collaboration between NIGCOMSAT, the AUB, and other key stakeholders, paving the way for a vibrant and prosperous future for the continent’s broadcast sector.

                   AUB delegates on an inspiring tour at NIGCOMSAT’s Offices. Source: NIGCOMSAT

NIGCOMSAT Limited, as a leading satellite communications provider, has been instrumental in revolutionising the broadcast industry in Africa. Through their state-of-the-art satellite and ground station, NIGCOMSAT facilitates the seamless transmission of television, radio, and multimedia content across the continent, fostering connectivity and cultural exchange.