NIGCOMSAT and YahClick to Enhance Broadband Connectivity in Sub-Saharan Africa

From (L-R) VP, Sub-Sahara Africa, Mr Kevin Viret; and MD, NIGCOMSAT, Engr Tukur Lawal. Source: NIGCOMSAT

The Nigerian Communications Satellite (NIGCOMSAT) Limited, and Yahclick, a subsidiary of Yahsat, have joined forces to expand and strengthen broadband connectivity in Nigeria and across the wider Sub-Saharan Africa region. This announcement followed a recent visit by Yahclick’s Vice-President and Director of Sub-Saharan Africa, Mr Kevin Viret, and Mr Abiodun Attah, Regional Manager of West Africa for Yahclick, to NIGCOMSAT’s office. The NIGCOMSAT team, led by Managing Director Engr Tukur Lawal, warmly welcomed the Yahclick representatives.

                                                                   Source: NIGCOMSAT

During their meeting, both companies expressed their eagerness to collaborate, with Engr Tukur expressing his satisfaction with the comprehensive range of services offered by Yahclick’s innovative business model. Recognising the potential impact of Yahclick’s services, Engr Lawal emphasised the importance of a strategic partnership to capitalise on the Nigerian and sub-Saharan African markets.

Mr Viret expressed their gratitude for the warm reception and assured NIGCOMSAT’s management team that Yahclick’s services could effectively complement areas where NIGCOMSAT’s coverage is currently limited. Viret also highlighted the collaborative efforts that would be undertaken between the two teams, particularly in terms of pricing and billing, to ensure a successful partnership. He further emphasised that Yahclick’s capabilities could extend coverage to previously inaccessible areas, effectively expanding NIGCOMSAT’s reach.

From (L-R) Regional manager, West Africa at Yahclick, Mr Attah Abiodun; VP, Sub-Sahara Africa, Mr Kevin Viret; and MD, NIGCOMSAT, Engr Tukur Lawal. Source: NIGCOMSAT

The collaboration between NIGCOMSAT and Yahclick is expected to bring significant advancements in broadband access across Sub-Saharan Africa, bridging the digital divide and empowering communities with enhanced connectivity. By leveraging the strengths and resources of both organisations, they aim to deliver reliable, affordable, and high-speed broadband services to underserved regions, enabling socio-economic growth and fostering innovation.


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