Nexsat-1 to be Launched from China in Q4 2023; EgSA Announces 

Source: Egypt Today

According to the report by Egypt News, Dr Sherif Sedky, CEO of the Egyptian Space Agency (EgSA), announced that Nexsat-1 will launch from China in November or December 2023 after completing all tests in Germany. In addition, the CEO remarked that the agency aims to improve its satellite technological segment and establish a satellite constellation. 

In addition, the launch of Nexsat-1 will follow the scheduled EgyptSat-2 satellite launch, slated to take place in October. These consecutive missions mark significant milestones for the Egyptian Space Agency as it endeavours to strengthen its position in space exploration and satellite-based endeavours. EgyptSat-2 (MisrSat-2) is Egypt’s second Earth remote-sensing satellite. 

In a meeting with Prime Minister Mostafa Madbouli, Sherif Sedky provided further details on Egypt’s upcoming satellite launch plans. Sedky announced that Egypt’s remote sensing satellite, EgyptSat-2, will be launched from China in October. The satellite, delivered to Egypt in March, underwent rigorous tests at the agency’s assembly and integration centre in the New Administrative Capital. The comprehensive testing process included various evaluations, including electrical tests, dynamic loading simulation of the satellite’s space model, electromagnetic harmony tests, simulation of the space environment, and communication tests. 

The launch of EgyptSat-2 will mark a significant milestone for Egypt’s space programme, further advancing the nation’s capabilities in remote sensing and bolstering its presence in the global space industry. Sherif Sedky reemphasised the agency’s plan to launch many satellites aims to reinforce Egypt’s pioneering role in space technology and sciences in Africa and make room for the participation of African states in space projects that serve the 2063 Africa Development Agenda through the African Space Agency.


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