NewSpace Systems Selected To Support Kinéis IoT Constellation For Global Connectivity

Photo: The NewSpace Systems Dark Room
The NewSpace Systems' Dark Room, which contains an artificial sun for the testing of their Fine Sun Sensors forms part of the NewSpace ISO-7 certified (Class 10 000) Clean Room. Photo Credit: NewSpace Systems

NewSpace Systems (NSS), the manufacturer of “lean”, high-quality space components and sub-systems has announced that it has been down-selected by the Hemeria team to provide several of the ADCS products for the Kinéis constellation. This constellation of nanosatellites will be dedicated to the Internet of Things (IoT). 

The South African company design and manufacture a range of components and sub-systems from both its facilities in South Africa and the United Kingdom. Particularly strong in the area of Attitude Control Systems; NewSpace predominantly focuses on excelling in the small satellite market. 

”We are excited to announce that with the successful completion of the EQSR last month, the NSS team are now working closely with the Hemeria team on the qualification phase for this program” – says NSS CEO Mr James Barrington-Brown

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About Kineis

Kinéis, founded in 2018, is an independent, private satellite operator. An emerging player in the new space sector, the company wants to lead innovation in global connectivity for the IoT domain. Through its technologies, Kinéis works closely with terrestrial IoT operators, current satellite operators and connected object manufacturers, to locate and collect data all over the globe in all conditions.

“Kineis is a satellite operator that will provide unique, universal connectivity fully dedicated to the IoT industry. Any object fitted with a Kineis modem can be located and transmit data wherever it is, whatever the conditions. Kineis connectivity is simple to integrate into third-party devices, consumes very little power and is reliable. All this will be available at a very competitive price, making it accessible to as many people as possible, so Kineis will very soon be locating and collecting data from several million connected objects, in real or near-real-time. The company will become the natural partner for all entrepreneurs seeking to offer their customers an inexpensive satellite-based Internet of Things.” said Alexandre Tisserant, Kineis Project Leader in 2018. 

Earlier this year, the Occitanie-based startup Kinéis reached its capital-raising target of €100 million. The fund is being used to fulfil its ambition to provide universal satellite connectivity, adding 25 nanosatellites and aiming to be in orbit by 2022.


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