NewSpace Systems Meets Product Supply Target For OneWeb

NewSpace Systems is responsible for the supply of magnetorques used by OneWeb in it satellite manufacturing and launching in 2019

Following on from their success in 2018, NewSpace Systems has had several more of its
products utilized on high profile missions such as the first 6 OneWeb satellites which were launched early in 2019.

South African newspace company, NewSpace Systems (PTY) Ltd, has ramped up
and successfully maintained the high-volume production necessitated to support the
OneWeb programme in 2019.

The privately-owned manufacturer of “lean”, high-quality space components and sub-
systems was contracted by Airbus OneWeb Satellites Company in 2016, to supply
magnetorquer rods for its IoT constellation.

In a release published last week, NewSpace Systems congratulated the British European
the aerospace company on achieving their ambitious goal of manufacturing 2 satellites a day.

OneWeb sets to launch its next batch of 34 satellites from the Kazakhstan launch facility at Baikonur towards the end of this month. The launches will be facilitated by Arianespace.

The French satellite launch provider has contracts for about approximately 20 further launches and to place an initial 672 satellites into Low Earth Orbit. These
launches will take place in Baikonur as well as French Guiana and Russia’s Vostochny

OneWeb’s Florida branch is also reported to have also commenced the manufacturing of
two satellites every day with an estimated number of 15 satellites a week, totalling about 700 satellites in a year.

NewSpace also hinted that it grew its team and nearly doubled its turnover in the past year as a result of its efforts in scaling and supporting their customers’ aspirations. Last year, the company secured America’s Oakman Aerospace ACORN platform for space mission design and signed a major deal to supply 5 out of 6 core products to an undisclosed national space agency in Asia. Currently, it supplies products and services to over 60 clients and 11 national space agencies in 5 continents.

With its readiness to support its clients even more in 2020, we anticipate greater
milestones for the company as the year rolls out.