NewSpace Africa Conference 2024 to Hold in Luanda, Angola, in April

Space in Africa, in conjunction with the African Union Commission, the Angola National Space Programme Management Office, under the auspices of the Ministry of Telecommunications, Information Technologies and Social Communication (MINTTIC), is organising the NewSpace Africa Conference 2024 from 2nd to 5th April 2024 in Luanda, Angola. As Africa’s leading space event, the conference will bring together decision-makers from various African governments, national space agencies, industry leaders, NewSpace companies, and high-level stakeholders from all segments of the African space industry.

As African governments intensify their efforts and investments to develop their respective local space ecosystems and more commercial space companies take root on the continent, the need to create enabling environments for innovation to thrive has never been more important. The conference, themed “The Role of Space in Closing Africa’s Poverty Gap,” will highlight the transformative potential of space initiatives in addressing socioeconomic disparities across Africa and serve as an avenue for discussing the best approach to leveraging space technology, including satellite communications, remote sensing, and geospatial data, to revolutionise various sectors, such as agriculture, healthcare, climate change, security, and infrastructure development. Furthermore, the conference will explore every aspect of space and satellite technology, including policy and business opportunities in Africa, while also spotlighting the potential impact of cooperation frameworks between stakeholders to achieve common goals in the industry and on the continent. 

Dignitaries at the 2023 NewSpace Africa Conference in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire
Cross-section of participants during the 2023 NewSpace Africa Conference in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire

Conference participants will include the African Union Commission, policymakers and government officials, representatives of national ministries of science and technology and communications, leaders of national space agencies, NewSpace companies, satellite manufacturers and operators, venture capitalists and angel investors, African tech hubs, delegates from Earth observation and satellite communication organisations worldwide.

Cross-section of panellists during the 2023 NewSpace Africa Conference in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire

In addition, the event will promote technological advancements and innovations in the African space scene on a global stage and invite foreign investments into various segments of the African space sector, both enterprises and budding companies alike. The expected outcome of the NewSpace Africa Conference 2024 is to create productive collaborations, further strengthen existing partnerships to explore new markets and identify gaps and challenges that can hinder the growth of the African NewSpace ecosystem while devising opportunities to fill them. The conference will extend the prospects to explore and nurture alliances between local and international audiences through one-of-a-kind exposure for stakeholders. This third edition of the conference aims to extend unique exposure to various emerging markets in the African space ecosystem and the efforts African countries have invested in prioritising the continent’s NewSpace ecosystem.

Cross-section of panellists during the 2023 NewSpace Africa Conference in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire

For four days, the conference will feature operational topics on policies, research, trends, future outlooks, and all segments of the African space and satellite industry. In addition, the event will feature various networking opportunities and interactive sessions, B2B, B2C, B2G matchmaking, side events, exhibitions, and selected keynotes. Moreover, the conference provides a platform for businesses, enterprises, and government agencies to showcase and introduce their products and services to a diverse audience of indigenous, international, and commercial players in the space industry, thus facilitating engagement with influential decision-makers and cultivating new prospective partnerships.

The most recent edition of the conference gathered 400 delegates from over 190 organisations domiciled across 54 countries, including representatives from ministries, space agencies, academia, foreign organisations, and the commercial sector. More details on the most recent edition of the conference, NewSpace Africa Conference 2023, can be accessed here.

Early-bird registration is open until 31st December 2023, and Regular registration is open till 31st March 2024. Visit here to register. 

In addition, to view our sponsorship and exhibition opportunities click here. For more information on the conference, kindly visit here or email in**@sp***********.com

About Space in Africa

Space in Africa is the leading analytics and consulting company in the space sector, serving both the institutional and commercial markets with a particular focus on Africa. Our experience builds on a long track of past projects executed for international organisations, national governments, and commercial players, with high stakes in the space business. Our practice cuts across all African countries. Space in Africa’s proprietary, research-based business and market analysis predict critical outcomes in what happens next in the industry and the opportunities available. Its data-driven analysis, free of vested interests and pre-conceptions, is helping to shape the ecosystem by making available accurate information critical for the change. The NewSpace Africa Conference is the main event of Space in Africa to facilitate further business interactions and cooperation in the African space and satellite industry.

About the AUC

The African Union Commission is the executive/administrative branch or secretariat of the African Union. It deals with different areas of policy. The AUC represents and defends the interests of the African Union, implements its programmes and decisions, and elaborates, promotes, coordinates and harmonises the AU’s programmes and policies with those of the Regional Economic Communities. The AUC has facilitated the growth of the African space industry through various collaborations and programmes with the European Union, the United Nations, African regional organisations,  various African governments, and commercial space actors. These programmes include the creation of the African Space Agency, the GMES and Africa programme and many others. 

About the Ministry of Telecommunications, Information Technologies and Social Communication, Angola 

The Ministry of Telecommunications, Information Technologies and Social Communication (MINTTICS) is the auxiliary ministerial department of the holder of the executive power, whose mission is to propose the formulation, conduct, execution and control of policy in the areas of telecommunications, information technologies, postal services, meteorology and geophysics, social communication, advertising, oriented towards Angola’s internal and external connection, as well as structuring the general lines, norms and standards of institutional communication to be carried out by the different ministerial departments, with support whenever necessary from MINTTICS. In addition, the ministry oversees the operations of the National Space Management Office, the government agency responsible for promoting the peaceful use of space and conducting technical space studies in Angola.


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