NewSpace Africa Conference 2022 to Hold in Nairobi in April

The inaugural edition of the NewSpace Africa Conference 2022, organised by Space in Africa, will be held in Nairobi, Kenya, from 25th to 27th of April 2022.

The theme for the event is: “Making Africa the New Hotspot for Space Business”. The NewSpace Africa Conference 2022 is a high-level gathering of industry leaders, decision-makers, commercial space companies, investors, and other key stakeholders who will convene to discuss innovative ways to turn Africa into a reputable space power.

In the past decade, African countries have increased participation in the space scene and, as a result, are enjoying a corresponding boom in the commercialisation of space. This boom is also evident as it has translated into creating about half of the NewSpace companies operational in the continent. Globally, a new era is emerging, characterised by private sector-led efforts towards commercialising space, opening the global space industry to investments, causing a  multidimensional interdependence that extends beyond the continent, disrupting new markets and democratising space technologies beyond the legacy spacefaring geopolitical regions to include opportunities in emerging markets. Thus, commercial space interactions are expanding.

In Africa, commercial ventures develop space technologies and offer space-enabled services to address market demands in various sectors, including telecommunications, defence, security, maritime, aviation, mining, agriculture, environment, development, education, and health. In 2019, the African space industry was worth USD 7.37 billion and is estimated to grow to USD 10.24 billion by 2024, experiencing about 40% growth. This provides an immense business opportunity for various new multi-million-dollar investments and limitless opportunities for stakeholders and investors in the sector. 

Given the extensive span of influence and contributions of NewSpace to the evolution of the African Space Industry, it has become necessary to create a forum for stakeholders in this segment from Africa and other parts of the world to network for new contacts and potential partnerships, access the latest NewSpace information on products and developments, explore ideas, debate roadmaps, and discuss future opportunities in the segment and the industry at large. Space in Africa, the authority in news, business, and market analyses in the African space industry, is organising an inaugural conference for the industry’s commercial segment to meet this need. The 3-day conference will feature selected keynotes, interactive sessions, panel discussions, business pitches, B2B matchmaking, B2C matchmaking and unique networking opportunities.

Attendees will include leaders of national space agencies, the African Union Commission, NewSpace companies, representatives of National Ministries of Science and Technology and Communications, policymakers and government officials, satellite manufacturers and operators, venture fund representatives and investors, Earth Observation companies/organisations, African tech hubs, and many more. 

The NewSpace Africa Conference 2022 will offer a unique opportunity to all delegates to actively participate and showcase their latest developments in front of a widely engaged audience. In addition, the conference aims to provide ample networking opportunities for participants and facilitate collaboration with other space actors. 

Early bird registration is available here. For Sponsorship and Exhibition, click here.

About Space in Africa

Space in Africa is the leading media, analytics and consulting company focusing on the African space and satellite industry and has been the primary source of space-related data and information on the industry since 2018. Space in Africa’s proprietary, research-based business and market analysis predict critical outcomes in what happens next in the industry and the opportunities available. Space in Africa has worked with several clients to develop policies, implement strategies, and explore business opportunities in the industry value chain. The company recently completed the African Union Commission baseline studies on the four-space segments and the socio-economic benefits for establishing and operationalising the African Space Agency. The NewSpace Africa Conference is the main event of Space in Africa to facilitate further business interactions and cooperation in the African space and satellite industry.


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