New Space for Mauritius:1st International Space Symposium on Space for Mauritius

Mauritius Research and Innovation Council (MRIC), in collaboration with the Ministry of Information Technology Communication and Innovation, is reaching out to a wide array of local and international experts for their valuable insights during its First International Symposium on New Space for Mauritius. This Symposium is a forum for open discussion, aiming to propel the Mauritian Space Agenda forward and leverage the expertise of globally recognised space and satellite technology experts, along with key stakeholders from Mauritius’s public sector, private sector, academia, and society. In addition, experts will delve into the following themes:

  • Downstream applications of satellite data;
  • Research and development and capacity building in space and satellite technologies; 
  • Regulatory considerations for new space for Mauritius; and
  • Space and Business for Mauritius.

The symposium explores the possibilities of benefiting from space technologies, leveraging the new space era’s transformative opportunities. The event will serve as a platform for thought leaders, scientists, policymakers, and industry experts to converge, exchange ideas, and chart the course for Mauritius’ active participation in the new global space ecosystem. By encouraging dialogue and collaboration between government agencies, private enterprises, and research institutions, MRIC  aspire to leverage collective expertise and resources to unlock the full potential of space-based solutions.

The organisers aim to leverage collective expertise and resources to foster a deeper understanding of the possibilities and challenges of integrating space technologies into the Republic of Mauritius national development agenda through engaging discussions, insightful presentations, and collaborative workshops. Moreover, the Symposium on New Space for Mauritius provides a unique opportunity for networking and forging partnerships that can propel the participating local institutions into the forefront of the space domain to unlock the full potential of space-based applications. The symposium outcomes will provide key insights for the MRIC to draft a roadmap for further developing the Space and Satellite Technology for Mauritius.

Furthermore, by leveraging the transformative opportunities for space exploration prevailing in this new space era, Mauritius, through the MRIC, made its historical entry into space in June 2021 by deploying its first-ever nanosatellite (MIR-SAT1) This achievement marks the beginning of the island nation’s aspirations to play an active role in space exploration and satellite technology. MIR-SAT1 allowed Mauritius to make a massive leap in space technology initiation and inspired the MRIC to create the Mauritian Space Programme, which revolves around four major thrusts, namely:

(i) Awareness, Capacity Building, and Training; 

(ii) Research and Development on downstream applications using satellite data for advising policymakers; 

(iii) Leveraging on the space presence of friendly countries to push forward the Mauritius Space Agenda; 

(iv) Incentivising new startups in the Space/satellite field to set up in Mauritius.

The Republic of Mauritius is ideally located in the Indian Ocean, offering numerous advantages for space exploration, earth observation, and remote sensing. This geostrategic position, coupled with other key factors such as its political stability, high connectivity, high literacy rate, and emerging economy, among others, offers good potential for future development in space and satellite technology for peaceful missions.                                  

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