NEC XON and Eutelsat OneWeb Signs Distribution Agreement to Advance LEO Capacity In Africa  

In a press release by Eutelsat Group, Eutelsat OneWeb has signed a multi-year master distribution agreement with NEC XON to deliver high-quality Low Earth Orbit (LEO) connectivity to Sub-Saharan Africa. The agreement includes provisions for installation services and extensive training throughout the Sub-Saharan African region.

Eutelsat OneWeb’s LEO satellite-based network will offer high throughput and low-latency connectivity to advance the expansion of the digital economy. This move supports the pressing need for seamless connectivity without borders in applications such as cellular backhaul, oil and gas, agriculture, government and mining. This initiative addresses the critical requirement for uninterrupted cross-border connectivity, particularly in applications for cellular backhaul within the oil and gas, agriculture, government, and mining sectors.

Furthermore, harnessing NEC XON’s top-tier Information and Communications technology (ICT) services will enable advanced connectivity tailored to meet specific African demands, which includes provisions for a bandwidth and service level agreement, guaranteeing customers the expected speed and Quality of Service (QoS).

“As a global leader in ICT, we are embracing Eutelsat OneWeb’s satellite technology, where the collaboration signifies a pivotal leap towards a more connected Sub-Saharan Africa. This aligns with our commitment to equipping businesses across the continent with solutions that drive growth and innovation”. Wally Beelders, Executive Communications Solutions at NEC XON, commented.

According to Cyril Dujardin, co-General Manager of Eutelsat OneWeb, “By teaming up with NEC XON, Eutelsat OneWeb is positioning its satellite prowess with regional expertise to reshape connectivity in Sub-Saharan Africa. This partnership demonstrates the LEO’s power to transcend geographical constraints and unlock new applications such as connected agriculture, mine sites, and enterprise and local government e-services”.

NEC XON is developing innovative solutions that transform people’s daily activities. By leveraging NEC’s global expertise in ICT and combining it with NEC XON’s deep understanding of the African market, this partnership aims to cater to the diverse requirements of enterprise customers. It ensures streamlined delivery of device terminals and customer support while emphasising cost efficiency and minimising energy consumption. This holds particularly true for remote areas, where both land-based and mobile network operators face challenges, and Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) technology has limited offerings.


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