NCC publishes commercial satellite communications guidelines for the telecommunications market in Nigeria

NCC Building, Abuja. Source: Guardian

The Nigerian Communications Commission, pursuant to its powers under Section 70 (2) of the Nigerian Communications Act 2003 has developed Commercial Satellite Communications Guidelines (The Guidelines) for the telecommunications market in Nigeria.

Consistent with Section 70 Subsection 2 of the Nigerian Communications Act 2003 (NCA 2003), the Commission is empowered to make and publish guidelines on all matters as are deemed necessary to give full effect to the provisions and administration of the NCA 2003,

The following are the legal guidelines issued by the Commission, in line with the NCA 2003;

  1. Guidelines for Deployment of Broadband Services on the 5.2-5.9GHz Band | Size: 77.99 KB
  2. Guidelines for Deployment of 2.4GHz ISM Band (WiFi) for Commercial Telecom Services | Size: 22.06 KB
  3. Guidelines for Dispute Resolution | Size: 69.24 KB
  4. — Appendix – Arbitration Scheme | Size: 66.39 KB
  5. — Appendix – Panel of Neutrals | Size: 10.85 KB
  6. Guidelines for International Access and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) | Size: 15.92 KB
  7. Guidelines for the Installation of Telecommunications Masts and Towers | Size: 102.16 KB
  8. — Appendix – Technical Specifications | Size: 7.22 MB
  9. Guidelines for the Provision of Internet Service | Size: 23.78 KB
  10. Guidelines on Advertisements & Promotions | Size: 40.8 KB
  11. Guidelines on Collocation and Infrastructure Sharing | Size: 41.53 KB
  12. Guidelines on Commercial Satellite Communications | Size: 233.02 KB
  13. — Appendix – Earth Station Application Form | Size: 58.15 KB
  14. — Appendix – Space Station Application Form | Size: 57.76 KB
  15. Guidelines on Consultations | Size: 37.14 KB
  16. Guidelines on Procedure for Granting Approval to Disconnect Telecommunications Operators | Size: 306.13 KB
  17. Guidelines on Shortcode Operation in Nigeria | Size: 267.52 KB
  18. Guidelines on SIM Replacement | Size: 202.29 KB
  19. Guidelines on Technical Standards for Interconnectivity of Networks | Size: 124.92 KB
  20. Guidelines on The Use Of Short Range Devices | Size: 467.9 KB
  21. Guidelines on Type Approval | Size: 1.11 MB
  22. Guidelines for External Line Plants using Copper Cables | Size: 693.55 KB
  23. Guidelines on Spectrum Trading | Size: 131.88 KB
  24. — Appendix – Spectrum Trading Application Form | Size: 213.49 KB


The following are drafts of guidelines under consideration;

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