Dr. Halilu Ahmad Shaba, Director-General, NASRDA; and Dr. Olushola Ayoola, MD and Founder, RAIN Ltd

The National Space Research and Development Agency (NASRDA) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Robotics Artificial Intelligence Nigeria Limited (RAIN) for increased space exploitation.

Dr. Halilu Ahmad Shaba, Director General of the National Space Research and Development Agency (NASRDA), lauded the Space Agency’s Innovation, Commercialisation, and Industrialisation committee for ensuring result-oriented engagement with experts and relevant stakeholders in the actualisation of the Nigerian Space Programme.

Similarly, the director-general praised RAIN Ltd’s Managing Director and Founder for his contributions and tenacity in advancing science, technology, and innovation in the country and added that the Space Agency was open to collaborating with RAIN Ltd in the manufacturing of robotics and drones that can share intelligence and provide real-time data and surveillance.

Dr. Shaba added that the agency would also collaborate with the company on training and capacity building, which will help in the areas of human development and critical thinking, which will continue to provide solutions to the numerous problems facing the nation

The NASRDA boss charged the parties to the agreement to develop concepts and innovations that are heavily reliant on locally produced raw materials in the country in order to create solutions that are both reasonably affordable and easily accessible to Nigerians.

Additionally, he said that the Space Agency has twelve technical teams now working on drone development, as well as a well-equipped laboratory primarily dedicated to drones. He further promised to give all necessary assistance in making both teams’ working relationships beneficial, including the supply of office space and facilities that would serve to strengthen the relationship and enhance efficiency throughout their partnership.

Dr. Olushola Ayoola, Managing Director and Founder of Robotics Artificial Intelligence Nigeria Limited (RAIN), in his presentation, described his company’s visit to NASRDA as a very auspicious engagement that will reflect positively on the advancement of Science, Technology, and Innovation in the country.

The managing director and founder of RAIN Ltd praised the partnership committee’s efforts, and expressed his excitement for strong cooperation that will benefit not only the parties involved but the entire country.

He continued by outlining the goals of RAIN Ltd, which include, but are not limited to, the development of a strong robotics and drones curriculum, the development of a skilled workforce through hands-on training with real objects, and the promotion of technological advancement through ground-breaking research in drones and robotics.

Additionally, Dr. Ayoola said that the proposed partnership between NASRDA and RAIN would guarantee the receiving of briefs from NASRDA on important problems for solutions and prototyping, the availability and participation of 10 NASA-approved researchers, and report updates on a quarterly basis.

Dr. Ayoola stressed the importance of productive cooperation between research institutions and governmental agencies as he came to a close. He also noted that using indigenous technology would help to bring about national peace, boost exports, and guarantee future employment for the nation’s large population.


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