NASRDA Partners with e-GATE Technology Limited and GS Technology to Modernise Traffic Management in Nigeria  

Source: The Cable

In a report released by the Cable, Halilu Ahmad Shaba, the Director-General of the National Space Research and Development Agency (NASRDA), was represented by Halidu Ibrahim, the Director of Ground Stations and Mission Control of NASRDA, at NASRDA’s headquarters in Abuja during the signing of a tripartite agreement between NASRDA, e-GATE Technology Limited, and GS Technology. This agreement focuses on the investment, establishment, and execution of intelligent traffic management, telemedicine, and various digital services within the nation. 

Concerning the agreement, Ahmad Shaba emphasised the significance of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology as a crucial instrument for driving the nation’s socioeconomic progress. Halidu Ibrahim also stressed that the swift execution of the agreement would enhance the country’s economic momentum by establishing a platform for efficient monitoring and management of activities crucial to its economic growth.

Furthermore, Halilu Ahmad Shaba emphasised the commitment of the space agency to exert every effort to make substantial contributions to the advancement of space science and technology within the country which will be cemented through purposeful partnerships with government agencies and pertinent stakeholders.

Gaseer Elsayed, founder of GS Group of Companies, said, “We are privileged today to have been chosen to implement our cutting-edge RFID technology and advanced traffic management system. This system will address significant challenges in contemporary urban areas, such as traffic congestion, violations, theft, and unauthorised vehicles. The system methodically gathers data for dynamic traffic guidance, thereby mitigating traffic congestion. Furthermore, it establishes a foundation for digital transformation within the traffic sector by capturing essential vehicle data, marking the initial phase of this transformation”.

“We are grateful and honoured to be selected by NASRDA with our strategic partner “GS group” one of the leading companies in Smart Road & RFID technology in the region, to implement this innovative traffic management system and create a unified central database using unique RFID tag that will be attached to vehicles and send signals to central computer system, which will use it to optimise traffic control, safety and flow,’’ Essam Elsaghir, eGate Technology Chairman and the Managing Director stated.

Furthermore, RFID technology is a powerful tool that will be used to improve traffic flow and reduce congestion by 20%. In addition, the technology ensures people can travel seamlessly, enhance air quality, and reduce noise pollution. RFID is a wireless device with antennas that emit radio waves and receive signals from the RFID tag. Its benefits include improving tracking, product handling efficiency, inventory counting speed, and automating product receipts, storage and distribution.

According to Mahmoud Fathy, “GS Group and its companies, with specialities information technology and traffic management systems, have their experience and previous experience in automation and developing the RFID tags system as well as performing vehicles technical inspection and driving learning in Egypt, United Arab of Emirates, and other African countries per the latest modern scientific and technological methods Moreso, GS Group newly established a local Nigerian company, GS Technology Nigeria, to be the local representative of GS Group in all potential traffic management projects that could be implemented in the Federal Republic of Nigeria.”


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