NASRDA Partners RBC Signals for Resuscitation of its Ground Station

Mr Christopher Richins and Dr Halilu Shaba at the LOI signing

The Nigerian National Space Research and Development Agency (NASRDA) has partnered with US-based RBC Signals to resuscitate its Ground Station at the Agency’s Headquarters in Abuja. Speaking at the Letter of Intent (LOI) signing, Dr Halilu Shaba, DG NASRDA, said that the operational and functional capabilities of the Agency’s ground station must be at their best.

Dr Shaba further stated the need to map out result-oriented strategies for reviving the Agency’s existing Ground Station. According to him, the ground station was comatose as a result of inadequate management. He added that Nigeria has the potential to contribute its quota and also play a significant role in the economy. This accordingly resulted in the need to focus on commercialising space-based activities. Likewise, by extension, this would expand the revenue-generating drive of the Nigerian Government.

Mr Christopher Richins, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of RBC signals, commended NASRDA for its partnership with RBC Signals. He disclosed that RBC Signal’s main goal is to have a platform with a network of ground stations that can be a centre of coordination for satellites and Ground Station related activities. He stated further that the platform helps in promoting interconnectivity among active players in the space industry. This is by combining the capabilities of different Ground Stations which share relevant information amongst themselves. As a result, this saves the respective satellites from the incidence of inactivity.

Mr Richins also emphasised the need for expanding collaborative activities, especially in strategic areas of mutual benefit. Furthermore, he noted some of RBC Signal’s products and services, including communication and support services regarding teleport hosting, antenna access, terrestrial data and other field services. According to the CEO, the services can help the space agency realise its goals and objectives in the space industry


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