MINTTIC’s Minister Lauds GGPEN’s Commitment to Supporting the National Development

Source: GGPEN

In a press release by the National Space Program Management Office (GGPEN), the Angolan Minister of Telecommunications, Information Technologies and Social Communication (MINTTIC), Mário Oliveira, during his visit to the agency’s Space Applications Development Laboratory, stated that the purpose of the laboratory is to utilise satellite data and applications for Angola’s socio-economic development.

According to the minister, the laboratory activities are coordinated and supervised by capable professionals, ensuring the ministry can implement its main objective geared towards supporting various industrial and agricultural applications for the well-being of its citizens.

“We have been developing applications to support the oil industry, agriculture, and infrastructure, among which, for example, we have developed applications that allow control of road construction, control of afforestation and deforestation, as well as agricultural control”, Mário Oliveira stated.

Furthermore, Luciano Lupedia, head of the GGPEN space applications development department, stated that four applications for national socioeconomic development had been developed; however, two applications have been in use for over a year, and tests have shown satisfactory results. For instance, one of the applications, TECH-GEST, which utilises artificial intelligence (AI) to monitor infrastructural assets, was awarded the seal of excellence as one of the best 100 projects globally integrating AI to foster sustainable development across industries. 

Other applications include TECH-ECOLOGIA, which uses satellite radar images to detect, monitor and warn about the occurrence of possible oil spills offshore, as well as TECH-AGRO, servicing farmers, making it possible to analyse the state of agricultural fields by monitoring vegetation development, using the Normalized Difference Index (NDVI) and biophysical parameters (LAI, Fcover, FAPAR).

These services provide benefits such as optimisation in the use of resources, added value in the provision of services, reduction of operating costs and increased productivity, among others, ensuring Angola enjoys inclusive socio-economic growth.


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