Meet the 15 selected members of the newly formed Africa youth advisory board on disaster risk reduction

The African Union in its commitment to the implementation of the Sendai Framework has adopted the Africa Programme of Action (PoA) for the Disaster Risk Reduction. As a key component of the PoA, the AU Commission called for application from professionals in the field of DRR to join the African Science and Technology Advisory Group (A-STAG) or the Africa Youth Advisory Board (AYAB) for Disaster Risk Reduction.

Purpose of the Africa Youth Advisory Board (AYAB)

“The establishment of AYAB will institutionalize the African Union working relationship with children and youth as major stakeholder groups in Disaster Risk Reduction on the continent. This will enhance meaningful engagement and participation of young African people in DRR activities and initiatives. The AYAB is envisioned to be an inclusive, open, and transparent platform for African youth to be engaged in continental/regional DRR policy design, implementation, follow up and review”.

Scope of Work for the Africa Youth Advisory Board (AYAB)

The AYAB would champion the capacity building of African youth, the design of youth sensitive policies, implementation, monitoring and review of DRR within Africa at all levels. The scope of work of the AYAB shall geographically cover DRR activities in East, West, South, Central and North Africa. The four priority areas of the AYAB and its regional representation reflects the PoA vision of implementation of the four priority areas of the Sendai Framework in Africa. These priorities are; understanding disaster risk, strengthening disaster risk governance to manage disaster risk, investing in disaster risk reduction for resilience and enhancing disaster preparedness for effective response and to “Build Back Better” in recovery, rehabilitation and reconstruction. The AUC
Department of Rural Economy and Agriculture (DREA) through its DRR unit shall work closely with the AU Youth Division to support the functioning of the AYAB-DRR. DREA shall coordinate the activities of AYAB. The AU Youth Division shall play an advisory role on youth engagement.

15 young Africans have been selected to form the Africa youth advisory board on disaster risk reduction; they will all be meeting at Nairobi, Kenya between May 6-7, 2019 for their first meeting. The members are:

  1. Ms. SOUMAYA ZADDEM (Tunisian)
  2. Mr. Hadine Achraf (Morocco)
  3. Mrs. ANDRIANJAKATINA Aina Sylvania (Madagascar)
  4. Mr. Alberto Francioli Paolo Maria (South Africa)
  5. Ms. MBAIORGA GRACE SIMON (Nigerian)
  6. Ms. KEMEH Sandra Delali (Ghana)
  7. Mr. BAMBA Adama (Cote d’Ivoire)
  8. Mr. ADMISSE Constant Rodrigue (CAR)
  9. Mr. BATAMIO MBEMBA Clèche (Congo)
  10. Mr. ESSOLA ETOA Louis Childéric (Cameroon)
  12. Mr. Walekhwa Abel Wilson (Uganda)
  13. Ms. Muriuki Maryanne Mumbi (Kenya)
  14. Ms. KAYOMBO Wilbrord Lillian (Tanzania)
  15. Ms. Bazilika Joan Lado Tombe (South Sudan)


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