Mark Your Calendar For 2020 International Astronautical Congress – The CyberSpace Edition

The International Astronautical Federation (IAF) is pleased to announce that the IAC 2020 will be hosted in a virtual format. The 71st International Astronautical Congress – The CyberSpace Edition will take place in your homes and offices around the world from 12 – 14 October 2020. In this challenging period, the IAF needs to make sure that everybody is safe and managing to work remotely in these difficult and complicated times.

Though there is hope for the future, it is hard to predict how the situation will unfold in the upcoming weeks and months. The Federation has been supporting the space community for more than 70 years, and it is available also now. The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has, inevitably, affected the planned activities for 2020, but the IAF remains flexible, innovative and resilient. Now, more than ever, the IAF understands the importance of a strong supportive community and it is committed to ensuring that everybody can feel a part of it.

Earlier this month the IAF had to announce the postponement of the GLEX in St. Petersburg and of the IAC in Dubai. However, after much reflection, the IAF has decided that it is still important for the space community to gather around a main event in 2020 and feel part of the great IAF “family”, as many of you call it. The 71st International Astronautical Congress – The CyberSpace Edition will take place for the first time in history in a virtual format around the world during 12 – 14 October 2020.

Please make sure to mark those dates in your calendar and stay tuned for additional details on the programme and logistics for the event in the upcoming weeks. Despite the challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the IAF is confident that humanity can emerge from this crisis stronger than before and that together we will continue to discover innovative and creative ideas on how to shape a global society with the help of space technologies for a bright future.

The IAF is nothing without its community; together we stand stronger and more resilient than ever. More information on the IAC 2020 programme will soon be available here.