Lafiya Telehealth Is Changing The Way Medicine Works In Africa

Connecting patients in urban & rural Africa to clusters of international & domestic doctors.

Lafiya Telehealth’s community walk-in virtual healthcare kiosk

Lagos, Nigeria – BeepTool Launches Lafiya Telehealth platform to solve the healthcare crisis in Nigeria and Africa.

The Lafiya Telehealth platform provides a high-definition video interaction along with medical device attachments all in a private setting via a smartphone, tablet, pc or the kiosk. BeepTool is looking forward to deploying the technology to every city and rural community in Nigeria and Africa. They are open to partnership and investment from individuals, health care providers, institutions, businesses, NGO and government agencies to support the deployment in every community in Nigeria.

You no longer need to worry about access to genuine medications. They send your prescriptions to pharmacies near you and text you when they are ready for pick up. Lafiya Telehealth is being integrated to all licensed pharmacy stores in urban and rural communities in Nigeria and beyond.

Lafiya Telehealth brings quality healthcare services and professionals to the comfort of your home via its web, mobile app, smartphone, tablet and virtual healthcare kiosk integrated to remote examination medical device and telehealth platform that virtually replicates the in-clinic primary care experience, by providing a remote physician almost the same clinical tools he has in the clinic now also in a telehealth encounter. It utilizes voice and video chat consultations, quality diagnostic tests, genuine medications, and specialist referrals through an affordable subscription plan that requires no out-of-pocket payment.

The Lafiya Telehealth platform came out of the founder’s vision to create a more intelligent patient care environment for underprivileged people in Nigeria, and the continent of Africa as a whole. Current statistics for medical assistance access in the region are terrifying, especially in this era of technological innovation. Alarmingly, 50% of Nigerians, which encompasses over 90 million people, do not have access to quality medical care.

The founders saw the need for a breakthrough and founded Lafiya which means “health” in Hausa.

The mobile application component of this product utilizes the power of artificial intelligence. It replicates the existing workflow of doctors and nurses and intelligently bridges the gaps to provide a smooth and satisfactory experience for all parties involved.  You can download the app from the play store here

Lafiya Telehealth’s Mobile Cart

John Enoh, Founder and CEO of BeepTool, stated that the uniqueness of Lafiya is the proprietary Telemedicine device. The solar and satellite-enabled device will help extend healthcare to remote and rural areas where doctor shortage exists. The Telehealth device will be deployed with a kiosk that has AI-powered devices to take blood samples and run test on the spot. This is a solution that will disrupt the healthcare industry and bridge the gap of doctor shortage across Nigeria and Africa.

“Launching Lafiya Telehealth is a huge milestone for us, and we are proud to be working in fulfilling our commitment to expanding digital health options for consumers with a mission to provide anywhere, anytime high-quality affordable healthcare accessible and on-demand, from any location to as many people as possible. This launch signifies a major step forward for the future of healthcare in Nigeria,” he stated.

Lafiya Telehealth App LTD is a subsidiary of BeepTool Group of companies, a technology company delivering a suite of connected telehealth platform aimed at enabling thousands of people especially in rural areas in Nigeria (for start) to live a healthier, happier and longer life by dramatically improving their access to quality healthcare.

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