KSA Partners with UNOOSA to Organise a Three-Days TAM Workshop

Source: KSA

The Kenya Space Agency (KSA), in collaboration with United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA), is organising a three days Technical Advisory Mission (TAM) workshop, from 18 – 20 April 2023, at the United Nations Headquarters, Nairobi, Kenya.

Source: KSA  

The workshop features several stakeholders within the space ecosystem, including the Defence Principal Secretary, Honourable Patrick Mariru, the UNOOSA Director, Niklas Hedman, Head of French Development and Cooperation Service in Nairobi, Denis Sainte-Marie and other KSA delegates from the government and private institutions in Kenya. In addition, the TAM workshop seeks to offer capacity-building, legal advisory services in international space law, and mechanisms for developing national regulatory and policy frameworks in line with various space activities in the country.

Source: KSA

In a press statement released by UNOOSA in 2022, both organisations wish to collaborate under the “Space Law for New Space Actors” project to establish a cross-government focal point network to organise international expertise and provide peer-to-peer networking opportunities, in-person training, and joint promotion of the project as implemented.

Furthermore, the partnership, which included a technical advisory mission to Nairobi, Kenya, in the first half of 2023, is expected to provide capacity-building and legal advisory services tailored to regulatory authorities in Kenya and assess Kenya’s needs in the area of international space law, taking into account the country’s specific judicial, administrative, and technical requirements.

The workshop will be instrumental in developing a shared understanding and experiences on implementing the Space Treaty and ensuring the sustainability of space activities.


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