KSA Host Delegates from Avanti Communications to Discuss Areas of Collaboration 

Source: KSA

The Acting Director General of the Kenya Space Agency, Brigadier Hilary Kipkosgey, hosted a team of delegates from Avanti Communications, led by Debbie Mavis, the Organisation’s Group Human Resources Director and the Head of the Avanti’s Education Programme, to discuss areas of collaboration and advance education/outreach programmes. 

Source: KSA

During the strategic visit, Brigadier Hilary Kipkosey briefed Avanti’s delegates on the space agency’s activities, including its ongoing space club programmes, while delegates from Avanti’s team highlighted and shared insights regarding its iMlango project. iMlango, an innovative e-learning education and outreach programme by Avanti, utilises satellite technology to deliver educational content to children in marginalised rural areas of Kenya.

The project, implemented in 245 schools, aims to enhance education outcomes in mathematics, literacy, and life skills and equip schools with Information and communications technology (ICT) equipment and digital technology to deliver improved learning outcomes. 

Source: KSA

Furthermore, KSA expressed its readiness to partner with Avanti and utilise the established iMlango initiative to distribute content related to the Space Club. The Space Club concentrates on four thematic areas: Earth Observation, Space Science, Space Systems Engineering, and IT & Robotics. In addition, both parties have agreed to continue discussions to identify specific areas for collaboration.

The agreement to continue discussions implies a commitment to foster continuous collaboration and increases the potential for the initiative to evolve, allowing both parties to adapt to changing needs and ensure sustained success of the partnership.


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