KSA and TomorrowNow.org Join Forces to Enhance Food Security and Climate Change Adaptation in Kenya

From (L-R) Brigadier Hillary Kipkosgey, KSA’s Acting DG, and Mr Ronald Dianga, Chief Officer of TomorrowNow Kenya. Source: KSA

Kenya Space Agency (KSA) and TomorrowNow.org have announced a groundbreaking collaboration to transform decision-making in agriculture. The partnership was formalised today by signing a Letter of Intent, solidifying their shared commitment to leveraging space-derived data and expertise to enhance food security and build resilience in the face of climate change.

Brigadier Hillary Kipkosgey, KSA’s Acting Director General, and Mr Ronald Dianga, Chief Officer of TomorrowNow Kenya, representing the Executive Director of TomorrowNow.org, were the signatories of the Letter of Intent.

                                                                            Source: KSA
                                                                                 Source: KSA

As the governing body responsible for promoting, coordinating, and regulating outer space activities in Kenya, the KSA brings expertise and oversight to the partnership. On the other hand, TomorrowNow is actively involved in climate change adaptation and has established a reputation for providing innovative climate and weather solutions.

This collaboration marks a milestone in the efforts to harness space technology and climate innovations for the benefit of Kenya and its agricultural stakeholders. KSA and TomorrowNow.org are poised to impact the agricultural landscape, supporting sustainable development and ensuring a more secure future for the country’s food production through shared knowledge, resources, and expertise.


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