Kenya’s Space Centre to Earn Sh25 Million Annually 

Kenya's Defence Secretary, Monica Juma

Kenya and Italy have ratified a new deal allowing Italy to occupy and utilise the Luigi Broglio Malindi Space Centre in Kenya. The agreement will give Kenya Sh25 Million (USD229 Thousand) annually. 


Kenya’s National Assembly, on Thursday, approved a report by the Defence and Foreign Relations Committee between the governments of Kenya and Italy, towards solidifying the agreement between both countries. 

Speaking on the development, Kenya’s Defence Cabinet Secretary, Monica Juma, noted that the agreement will allow Kenya to enjoy maximum benefits from the centre, while Italy uses it for its space activities. Part of the agreement includes a joint management board partnership responsible for the supervision and verification of the activities at the space centre.

“I am grateful to note that our National Assembly ratified the agreement on October 15. This has opened up opportunities for our nascent space industry,” she adds. 

The partnership will equally allow Kenya’s Space Agency (KSA) to establish a regional centre for earth observation, access scientific data, offer training and education and support telemedicine.

The minister made this open disclosure at the launching of KSA’s 2020-2025 strategic plan.


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