Kenya Space Agency Set to Pick Next DG, IAF Launches World Largest Digital Library on Space history, and More Stories Across the African Space Industry for November 2020 

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On the continent, the Kenyan Space Agency (KSA) is underway to selecting next Director-General from a pool of eleven contenders, as SADC kickstarts implementation of satellite sharing program to serve the region. At the same time, the Regional Centre For Mapping Of Resources For Development (RCMRD) hosts 54th Governing Council, shares resolution. Over the month, the size of Nigeria’s rocket became a debate against a NASA rocket, and we break down the factors responsible in an analysis.

Meanwhile, the International Astronautical Federation has released the world’s most extensive digital library on space history, which is accessible for public use. In a multilateral partnership, Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa (BRICS) are working on a developmental breakthrough in quantum communications.

More stories across the continent.

Projects, Announcements, Deals and Events

In South Africa, NASA is partnering with South Africa on space data for air pollution. Hypernova, a South African company, is developing propulsion systems for micro-and nanosatellite use. SANSA has been hosting a series of virtual negotiations resulting in signing MoU with Brazil and the European Space Agency. SANSA has also executed a project that uses Satellite Imagery and AI to locate informal settlements.

Kenya witnessed an array of partnerships and innovations over the month. The Kenyan space agency played host to Ukraine and USA, and subsequently the Russian ambassador towards developing multilateral alliances. Globalstar, a private company, has received terrestrial authorisation to operate in Kenya, promising further connection in the country. Geo-Appsmith, a Nairobi based GIS and location services company, is working on a GIS-based inventory management system, while Komaza, a private firm, is Using AI and Satellite Data to Support Tree Farming in Kenya.

EgSA to establish space centres around the country. Egyptian Space Agency Signs Cooperation Protocol with University of Tanta

In West Africa, Nigeria launched a platform to map power stations across the country, while the ActInSpace 2020 Nigerian winners have been rewarded for their innovations. The overall winner will represent Nigeria at the global contest.

Algerian space agency conducts simulation exercise on telecommunications, as Angola’s GGPEN DG has been re-elected on an Angola communications board. In Senegal, Senegal Ports Authority signed an agreement with SPACECOM to enhance service delivery.

Across the continent

African Startups dominated Space-Tech 2020; EUTELSAT KONNECT communication satellite is now fully-operational while SpaceCom and Paratus collaborate to provide broadband connectivity across Africa. Canal+ has also announced the signing of a deal with Qotto for Solar-powered television in Benin. In other partnerships, AirSmat enters Nvidia Inception program; ISAT Africa Selects NuRAN for Rural Deployment; Hypernova announces Shared Sat Service partnership with EnduroSat; e-GUIDE launched an electricity prediction service using satellite imagery.

The annual GeoWeek held earlier in the month, and we reported highlights from the virtual industry track. Digital Earth Africa also collaborated with the international data community while also embarking on a training program for enthusiasts and professionals on utilising the Africa Regional Data Cube (ARDC). The Space Foundation Space Symposium 365 has also started with the opening event having notes for African Space Industry. Finally, World Space Week Announces Theme for 2021 Event, names Chair.




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