Kazakhstan Ambassador Visits Egyptian Space Agency

The Egyptian space agency received the Kazakhstan ambassador to Egypt on an official visit to the agency. He was welcomed to the agency by Dr Mohamed Al-Quosi, CEO of the Egyptian Space Agency, and Dr Mohamed Iraqi, executive vice president of the Egyptian Space Agency.

The Kazakhstan delegation was headed by Lama Sharif, the ambassador of Kazakhstan in Cairo and Mr Sanjar Likhanov, the advisor of the embassy in Cairo. Their visit to the agency included a tour to observe the assembly and testing of satellites. They were taken around the agency and shown the various sections of the building by Dr Mohamed Al-Quosi.

The purpose of the visit was to discuss the future areas of cooperation in space science and technology with the Kazakhstan Space Agency through the Embassy of the State of Kazakhstan in Cairo. The ambassador expressed his happiness that he was at the Egyptian Space Agency and considers this his first visit to a government institution inside Egypt a month after assuming the position of ambassador of the state of Kazakhstan.

At the end of the visit, Dr Al-Quosy presented the agency’s shield to the Kazakhstan ambassador.


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