Kacific and ST Engineering iDirect Extend Partnership to Expand Satellite Connectivity to East Africa and Asia

Source: Kacific Broadband Satellites Group

Kacific Broadband Satellites Group (Kacific) and ST Engineering iDirect have reaffirmed their long-term technology partnership through deep cooperation on the ground systems infrastructure for Kacific’s fleet of satellites for improved satellite connectivity in East Africa and Asia. This announcement was made via a press release by ST Engineering iDirect. ST Engineering iDirect, whose Dialog hub platform was instrumental to Kacific1’s highly successful programme, will provide a comprehensive next-generation ground infrastructure, including systems integration, as part of this strategic partnership.

Kacific-1 has provided essential internet services to people and governments across Southeast Asia and the Pacific. The Kacific satellites continue to ride on that success through expanding capabilities and coverage in East Africa and existing markets in Southeast, Central and Western Asian markets. In addition, this deal would improve the internet penetration rate in East Africa, which has one of the lowest internet penetration rates in Africa at 26%.

The Kacific satellites are next-generation reconfigurable satellites with flexible bandwidth allocation and high spectral efficiency. Therefore, the market presents an opportunity of USD 8 million in the form of an addressable market.

The Kacific satellites are fully scalable, distributed ground systems that leverage standards-based resource and service orchestration and dynamic allocation of state resources. The satellites are also equipped with a next-generation ground system that enables extremely flexible services that align with new applications and changing customer demands. This will also facilitate delivering ultra-high throughput services that meet the demands of the most challenging applications, from community access to business networks. In addition, Kacific will use ST Engineering iDirect technology’s latest advancements in virtualisation and codification for unprecedented scale and use of operations.

These innovations, combined with ST Engineering iDirect’s next-generation Network Management System (NMS), will allow Kacific to streamline the management and operations of a complex, large-scale network, optimising costs, performance, and quality of service delivery to ensure the exceptional customer experience. Speaking on Kacific-1, Kacific CEO Christian Patourax said that the satellite was a tool through which the company democratised satellite broadband in the Asia-Pacific region due to a combination of new generation software-defined technologies supported by ST Engineering iDirect-run ground system. The effects of this led to the creation of new markets.

The Regional Vice President of ST Engineering iDirect expressed pride in their partnership with Kacific and its potential to empower communities across several regions through highly efficient and cost-effective connectivity solutions.

For more information on the project, click here.


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